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If you currently live or work in NSW you can save up to 77% through the Smart and Skilled funding program.

Take advantage while the government helps pay for you qualifications.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to get qualified and stand out from the crowd on your next job application.

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Certificate IV for just $240

Has your employment situation changed?

If you currently receive the Jobseeker payment or any other eligible Government payment you can gain your certificate IV for just $240.

This is an excellent opportunity to get qualified and stand out from the crowd on your next job application or promotion.

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Gain 2 or More Qualifications at the same time!

Many of these qualifications can be completed by only adding a few extra units to your first qualification. If so, your student fees will be much less on your 2nd qualification.

You may do 1 or Multiple Funded qualifications from this list. See below for popular combinations.

Save 60% – 77% Off Our Regular Prices

Limited places available, apply today!

With the NSW Government paying 66% – 77% of the course costs we expect these places to go very quickly so BE QUICK!

How to Enrol:

  1. Click on the Enrol NOW button and complete the Application Form.

  2. You can complete multiple qualifications. Your student fees may be much less for the 2nd qualification, if units are the same in both qualifications.

  3. We will confirm your eligibility, how much your student fees will be and if we still have funded positions available

  4. Arrange your student fee payment, to accept your position

  5. We will then get you started on your course with your Trainer

NB. You must have started each of your funded qualifications by end June 2020

Give us a call with any questions – 1800 998 500

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Enrol NOW – Enrolment Application Form
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Limited places available, Apply Now!

Popular combinations being offered are:

Eligibility, Fees & How 2020 Places will be allocated

First in, first served – EOI taken and phone interview to ensure suitability of student.
Course Length is: (approx.12 – 18ths) depending upon the qualification and experience of the student.

Course investment:

Student Fees are set by the NSW Government – $240 to $4000 after funding per qualification depending on the course and your eligibility status.

Payment Options: Student Fees can be paid by your Company or the individual.

  • Payment Plans are available to suit your budget (usually paid over 10 months)
  • VET Student Loans – $0 upfront for Diploma Courses

NSW Eligibility:

  • Live or work in NSW
  • Australian or New Zealand Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Humanitarian Visa Holder

Proof that you Live in NSW:

This can be a Drivers license with a NSW address listed, or NSW Government issued document providing evidence of living location. E.g. Rent or lease agreement; Rates notice; Registration or driver license renewal notice; Recent official letter from government service providers (not from us); Electoral enrolment document;

Proof that you Work in NSW:

This can be an employer-issued document confirming your employment in NSW. E.g. Recent Pay slip showing address, name, recent date and employer (If you feel uncomfortable, you can black out other personal info).

Student Tuition Fees

Global Training Institute (RTO No 31192), has been contracted by the NSW Government to be your provider for funded training under the NSW Smart & Skilled Program. New Worker Traineeships – If you have been employed for less than 3 months you may be eligible to complete a funded Traineeship in one of the above qualifications

Student Fees are set by the NSW Government and will be confirmed prior to enrolment. Student fees are based on the below:

How training will occur

Online/Distance: No Exams. No Essays. Online access. Regular fortnightly phone sessions with your own Trainer, who will work through each unit with you – day or evening, so you can fit this in around your Work and Family Commitments. UNLIMITED phone sessions available. Assessments are based mostly on your workplace projects that you have completed in the past or can do now. Very practical. Strong support. 24/7 access to all your assessments and resources.

Workshops – In house company training: Organised for 6 or more participants – contact us to discuss a program for your employees.

No previous qualifications held 2nd or additional qualification Concession – Commonwealth welfare recipients

Humanitarian Visa

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; Disability (with Documentation)
Certificate IV
All Cert IV quals (except below listed) $1580 $1850 $240 No fees
Local Government (Operational Works); Civil Supervision $1920; $2060 $2240; $2400 $240 No fees
All Diploma quals (except below listed) $2530 $2850 No fees
Civil; Local Government $3780; $3190 $4260; $4410 No fees
Advanced Diploma
Lead & Management
Civil Construction
$2580; $3500 $2910:$3940 No fees
New Worker Traineeship Qualifications No fees No fees No fees

For more information, please call on 1800 998 500, to visit the Smart and Skilled website, click here.

Limited places available, apply today!

With the NSW Government paying 60 – 77% of the course costs we expect these places to go very quickly so BE QUICK!