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Charitable Nature

A Strong Commitment to the Local and Global Community…

Global Training Institute has a strong commitment to the community and especially those less fortunate.

Here at Global Training Institute we have an established Corporate Responsibility program that ensures that a percentage of our turnover is donated directly to Not-for Profit organisations and charities. The Team Members (staff) all decide who will receive the donations each quarter.

We believe that our clients are also partnering with us in these chosen projects, and we thank them for their support.

At Global Training Institute we believe in providing skills, knowledge and hope – we also value this in our donations and sponsorships.

Sponsorship and Donations are made to local, national and global organisations and
natural disaster appeals including:

  • Sponsor children with Compassion in Thailand, Indonesia, Haiti…
  • Drought & Bushfire Appeals (Salvation Army Disaster Appeal)
  • Queensland Flood Appeals
  • Christchurch Earthquake disaster – New Zealand
  • Haiti disaster
  • Drought assistance packages
  • Christmas lunches for homeless
  • Children hospital appeals
  • Cancer Council…


About Compassion

Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry committed to working in partnership with local churches to foster the spiritual, economic, social, physical and emotional development of children living in extreme poverty in over 25 developing countries. Compassion’s ministry to children is distinctly Christian.

Compassion works with the poorest of the poor children, and their communities, in many developing countries around the world in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Compassion has 10 partner country offices around the world, which provide the funds, resources, and assistance with program development for the successful implementation of Compassion’s programs in the field.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help release children and their families from poverty and despair, please go to the Compassion website for more information and talk with someone about how you or your organisation can become involved.

We have a strong relationship with:

  • Scripture Union – providing chaplains into our local primary and high schools

scripture union

  • Compassion Australia – Global Training Institute has supported sponsor children through Compassion since the company started.