How Much Will My Course Cost?

The good news is that many of our students are eligible for some subsidy or special offer from the government at the moment. To see what you may be eligible for, the quickest way is to take this quick quiz or book a call with us.

Otherwise, if you’d like to read up some more yourself about the funding options, you can visit the funding options page here.

Yes, but how much is the actual course?

We want to give you the best price possible and make sure you get everything you are entitled to. Many people are eligible for subsidies and offers, even if you have previous qualifications. How much you pay will depend on your situation and subsidies available.

We’ve attached a document below showing the full fees if you are not eligible for any funding but as you’ll see, it’s pretty long and complicated!

We can work out what you will pay really quickly for you over the phone (or even here on the chat link or by email) and give you payment options to suit your budget. If you answer this Funding Quiz, it will speed up the process even further!

Please click on the following link to download our current Fees, VET Student Loan Tuition Fee Schedules and Payment Options

2022 Schedule of Tuition Fees (Other States)

2022 Schedule of Tuition Fees (NSW)

Told you it was long! Talk to us instead and we will work out the best options for you…

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