Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome. You are just like all of our students here at Global Training Institute. All students here are existing workers, so they have to fit their study in around their work. To assist you we have developed many useful tools and processes. Some of these include:

  • Online access to all learning materials, assessments, and a resource library
  • Audio Assessments – you can listen to each assessment being explained to you by your trainer with what you need to do to successfully complete the task, anytime, anywhere when you are working on your assessments.
  • Videos for many of your materials so you don’t have to take time off work to attend workshops
  • Ability to contact us afterhours when you are doing your study
  • Phone sessions booked with you (some afterhours sessions are available)
  • Hints & Tips for studying online

You will see that many of our graduates (see testimonials), gain 2 qualifications at the same time. What this means is that we have combined core units and electives from 2 different qualifications to make up your course. This combination of units allows you to correctly gain both qualifications. This is one of the great reasons that so many choose to complete their qualifications with Global Training Institute.

Global Training specialises in training Supervisors, Managers and existing workers. All of our qualification students have experience in their chosen fields. Most are supervisors, managers or senior staff. Have a look at our Graduation photos and meet some of our students in the testimonial videos. You will see that most of them are between 25 and 50.

Every course has a wealth of practical information, tips, templates and resources that you can immediately implement into your workplace or business. You will also have access to our short courses for skill building and our online management or business resource library which has a huge amount of templates, sample policies, procedures. Everything you need to save you a heap of time and make a great difference at work.

Yes. We have lots of things to help you and the process is easy to learn – we have many people who have had little computer experience who are completing their qualifications.

If you have ever attached a document to an email, that is as much knowledge as you need. To start your course, we have phone sessions to show you how to find things in your online course area and what parts of the computer you will need to use. You can also book training sessions and phone for help when you need it.

For some of our courses, you can use a tablet, so don’t even need a laptop or computer – you just need internet access to get your assessment feedback.

When you study with Global Training Institute you will be studying at a Registered Training Organisation that boasts one of the highest completion rates in Australia. Over 87% of our students complete their studies in the required time frame. Many other RTO’s only have a 25 – 40% completion rate*. The excellent student support from our trainers and office staff is listed as one of the main reasons that people are able to complete, in their testimonials. *IBSA Management and Leadership discussion Paper November 2012.

There are no exams or essays to write. Assessments are usually work-based projects. These can include running team meetings, completing forms, templates, designing policies and procedures (depending on the qualification level). You are able to either write, type or speak your answers to the questions. If your workplace doesn’t quite match for the assessment projects, there are usually case studies and examples that you can use instead. Just discuss this with your trainer.

When you study with Global Training Institute you benefit from our vast experience. We have been training for the past 18 years, offering qualifications for the past 14 years and training online for the past 10 years. Our training methods and materials have continued to change to meet the needs of our students over this time. That is why our students average over an 87% completion rate. – listen to their testimonies to see how their training has worked for them.

Yes. Our courses and assessments are continuously being revised. Our trainers are out in the field regularly and change the materials to meet the current requirements and those in the future. Our delivery methods are also updated regularly to match our student needs.

No, we do not recommend it. Global Training specialises in training Supervisors, Managers and existing workers. All of our assessments are work-based projects and you need to have the ability to implement the project into your current work therefore unavailable to recent school leavers.

School leavers are welcome to enrol in our short courses to gain valuable workplace and life skills to further their future careers.

Yes that is fine and about half of our students are the same as you. Our courses are based on you being able to demonstrate that you are competent in the skills and knowledge needed for your level and industry. Your materials are written so that they are easy to understand and are based on things that you usually do in your everyday work.

Graduation ceremonies are a special part of studying with Global Training Institute. We love to celebrate your achievements with you and your loved ones. Check out the photos on the website. Graduations are held at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, at a resort right on the beachfront. They are on a Saturday and include lunch, afternoon tea and photos after presentations. Family and friends are welcome to attend. The Graduation venue is close to the Sunshine Coast airport, so that students can fly in from throughout Australia. Graduations are usually held in March and October.

If you listen to the testimonies in the different schools, you will find that students feel that they are an individual when they train with us. They say that the support from their Trainer and the office staff has been really good. You will have personal contact with your Trainer and support staff, so know you are not just a number to us but rather a real person. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

People from each state in Australia and overseas, from places like Malaysia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Chile etc choose to train and gain their qualifications with Global Training Institute.

Throughout our website you can find the qualifications listed under each ‘School’ (access from the Home Page) and also under the main menu. Each qualification will be listed.

Yes. See ‘Funding’  tab in each of the Specialty Schools to see if there is any known funding available. If you know of any other funding available that we have not listed, give us a call and we will see if we can also offer it to you.

The amount of time you will need to spend will be determined by the speed at which you wish to get the results you are after. The quicker you implement what you’ve learnt, the quicker you will see the changes and results.

The more experience you have, the more Recognition of Prior Learning.

We suggest that you spend a minimum of 4 hours per week working on your program.

Payment options are listed with each of the courses and qualifications. We accept credit card, direct debit and company invoices. If the payment options listed against the course do not suit, please discuss your cashflow situation with us.

Yes. Many current and past students phone us very excited about new positions they have been offered with either their same company or a new company. One of the guys phoned with an “Anne, I have a $20,000+ promotion for me if I can get my qualification completed ASAP- what do I still need to do?” – needless to say that his last couple of assignments and evidence came in very quickly.

Congratulations to Henery one of our Advanced Diploma Members, who phoned so excited about his new job where he could determine his roster, workload and came with a $50,000+ pay rise from his previous role. Henery attributes much of getting his new job to having gained his formal qualifications. His interview also went really well because his RPL and assignments had forced him to think through all his experience and knowledge, and could easily relate it to the interview questions.

I also had the delight of being rejected. We were looking for a new trainer, so I phoned one of our graduates from last year to offer him the position. He informed me that his new role (which he got as a result of completing his qualifications) was great – high pay, good conditions, happy in the work and that there was no way I could prize him out of it to work with us.

For some Australian wide statistics about your industry, click here.

Yes, company training is very popular. Companies throughout Australia train their employees with us. For these organisations we run workshops, customize training and assessments so they match their organisation. Everyone still benefits from the online resources, and workbased assessments. Workplace training is usually done for more than 8 people. Training can be conducted in-house, or at an agreed venue or even residential. Some companies choose non-accredited training subjects (choose our workshops or tutorial subjects) whilst others put a group through a whole qualification.

Have a listen and read the testimonies from graduating students (found in each of the ‘Schools’ and under the main menu (access from the Home Page) but these are the 7 main benefits that our students list from having completed their qualifications:

1. Self-satisfaction/self-worth improved (many had the skills and no paper to prove it)

2. Job promotion and bigger paycheck (higher chance of)

3. New skills and knowledge that could be applied to both work and life

4. Improve confidence in current role

5. Stronger leader – their team gained more confidence in them – improved management skills

6. Job security – better performance reviews

7. Recognition by others – now have a qualification and paper to prove their skills