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Civil Construction Career Centre

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Civil Construction Qualifications for
Leading Hands, Supervisors, Project Managers, Superintendents Engineers…

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Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision

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Diploma of Civil Construction Management

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Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

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Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision

Diploma of Civil Construction Management

Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

You need a good understanding of civil construction, you need to have been in a hands on role as it is difficult to come in from a completely different field.
Skills you need are:
• Communication
• Calm decision making
• logical thinking,
• Leadership
• health and safety

Literally, the Sky is the limit for you in a Civil Construction Career. If you’re interested in international employment, we have people working on different civil, or oil and gas projects in different parts of the world – PNG, Kazakhstan, China, Indonesia, Ireland and many others. They have used their Civil Diploma qualifications from us as VISA entry requirements to get into the country and onto the projects. The guys that work on the oil-gas projects in Kazakhstan, do 1 month on, 1 month off and live in places like the sunshine Coast when they are home and renovating houses. Here at Global Training Institute, we have been helping people develop their Careers in Civil Construction for the past 15 years.

Many Civil Supervisors, Foremen and Leading Hands have been doing their job superbly for years, but now find themselves in need of a formal qualification if they want to land a new job or promotion. For a lucrative career in this field, becoming formally qualified is now considered a MUST. By gaining your Civil Construction Qualifications with Global Training Institute, you will position yourself as a true Construction professional, open new doors and have the ability to progress your career

The Role of a Civil Construction Manager is to oversee the day-to-day operations and progress of the project.
Effective communication is key, as you will be dealing with many different people and different personalities. You need to coordinate staff members, liaise with many different sub-contractors and check the quality of work being performed. You will be arranging for supplies and equipment to be delivered as well as maintaining and following strict safety protocols

Generally speaking leading hands and supervisors working for a private company earn from $85,000-$120,000 (Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision).
Project Managers and Foremen earn between $150-200k (Diploma of Civil Construction Management).
Superintendents and Civil Managers and those directing multiple projects earn $200k plus (Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction).[from current civil construction student feedback]

Civil Construction is the production of infrastructure associated with Earth, Water and Transport. Civil Construction projects include Highways, roads, railways, water reservoirs, subdivisions, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels, dams and airports. There are many different careers and sectors within Civil construction such as Supervisors, leading hands, Estimators, Project Managers, Machine Operators and Sub-Contractors just to name a few.

Civil Construction Careers

Civil Construction offers a very lucrative and rewarding career path for Leading Hands, Supervisors, Project Managers…

Here at GTI, we career path people in Civil Consrtruction from Leading Hands all the way through to Senior Managment with your MBA.  How far you go is your choice.

Supervisors, Foreman, Project Managers and Superintendents can now have a career pathway backed with formally recognised qualifications.
These higher level civil construction employees are now very much in-demand by employers and their qualifications and skills are highly valued.
Australia is now starting an unprecedented of infrastructure projects to drive our economy out of Covid-19 recession, and these employees are in demand.
Formal Civil Supervision and Management qualifications are valued in many sections of the industry including:

  • Earthworks

  • Roadworks

  • Drainage, Water and Sewerage

  • Power Stations

  • Gas and Mining

  • Bridgeworks

  • Fencing

In the last 15 years we have helped hundreds of students develop their Civil Construction careers, we have had SO MANY great success stories in that time. Many of our Advanced Diploma students literally write their own salary and work packages. They are able to nominate the wages they want and when they want to work. One of our students is able to be home for every single one of his kid’s birthdays (and he has 6 children) no matter where he is working at the time. Another says that he can to be home every Saturday during the soccer season, so that he can take his kids to the game.

We have had past students like Tim, who completed his Certificate IV level with us, then went on to complete his Diploma and Advanced Diploma with us, now he has just finished his Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

There are so many opportunities available for you, all of our students have completed their studies Online, never having to stop work, go to classes or University. They were able to skip up to 3 years of University and saved well over $60,000. This can easily be your story also.

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Here’s what our students say about our courses…

“It has allowed me to pursue a higher position within another organisation. Numerous topics I was able to discuss at the job interview, which I learnt during the learning phase of these courses. I would not have been able to pursue this new position had I not completed these courses. I have already recommended the training to others.” – Tony Grey

“This training was particularly relevant to my work and provided a formal structure and understanding of what was required on the job; it has really helped me place things into perspective. The training helped provide a more professional approach and an appreciation of the tasks undertaken at work. I would highly recommend the training to others in the construction industry particularly at management level.” – Johann Holdysz

“The management units gave the confidence that I’m more than capable of stepping up to a management position. I found the support processes very sufficient to get me through the course with 3 months to spare.” – Luke Blundell

“I can’t say enough for the support team; it has been the best from any course I have undertaken. The training materials as well as the website are very good and the trainer input if needed was great, they are always willing to help. Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to others.” – Ben Low

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