Global Training Work Environment And Sustainability

While one training company alone may not reverse the impact of global warming, the Global Training team is committed to doing its part, through the implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

In all of our activities we consider and minimise any negative impact on different stakeholders, their culture and the environment.

Our documented policies and management systems are externally audited as part of our accreditation as an Australian Registered Training Organisation.

Internal Sustainability Measures

  • We have a commitment to recycling, using recycled materials and using processes to reduce the amount of paper, energy and water used in our offices and by our suppliers.
  • A central server is used to minimise paper being sent between our different locations
  • Resource books and manuals are printed ‘as required’ to reduce oversupply and waste
  • Our office insulated to reduce the need for heating and cooling
  • Except for final copies – all printing is done on the reverse of used printing paper

Workplace Environment

At Global Training Institute we have drawn upon our observations of, and experiences with, various workplace environments, from both small and large enterprises, to create one for ourselves that encourages productivity and creativity.

A close-knit company, we offer staff exceptional career opportunities with plenty of client interaction, the ability to work autonomously in a safe environment, and exposure to a broad and diverse range of training projects.

For our clients (members and students), we provide the opportunity to engage with a small, dedicated and hands-on team of professionals whose main objective is to ensure that every client has their training needs met.

We are a fun, modern and dynamic team and it is our people and passion that has made us the premier Australian training company.