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Laughter in the Workplace!

 As a manager, you can set the tone by implementing simple techniques to provide employees with a bit of fun and enjoyment. But why? Laughter is an important part of being human. Who doesn't love laughing!? We all need to laugh! Especially now in these hard times, where we can sometimes forget to laugh. Here is some information on the importance of laughter! Laughter heals William Fry Jr, the 'Doctor of Humour', has researched the power of humour for over thirty years. He is convinced that laughter is a total body experience, an 'internal massage' that embraces all the body's systems - muscles, brain, nerves, digestion. Following stimulation and exercise caused by laughter, the body relaxes. Indeed, claims Fry, like jogging, laughter is a good aerobic exercise. It aerates the lungs, relaxes the muscles, nerves and heart, expands breathing and circulation, and enhances oxygen intake and expenditure. He says that [...]

13 Tips and Tricks to Excelling in Your Career

Climbing the management ladder to success is not something to be left to chance. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. In fact, no two management consultants would agree completely on any certain recipe for reaching the top job. They would agree, however, that, if you are ambitious to reach the top, then the best person to help you get there is yourself. So here are a few guidelines to help you on your way… 1. Be prepared. There are no better candidates for advancement than those who, while handling their own jobs in exemplary fashion, have also prepared themselves for the job above theirs. Keep close to the people whose job you want, for they often have much to say about their successors. 2. Attend seminars and courses regularly. The sharpening of management skills through continuing education is essential for effective managers. Additionally, exposure to [...]

5 Ways To Become More Promotable in 2020

Being more promotable is something that we all should work hard at being.  It is a delicate subject and one that should not be taken lightly. The hard part about being more promotable is that you need to determine what your boss will consider promotable behavior and making the right adjustments that will be good for you and for everyone else involved. 1 - Observe Peoples Needs  You need to figure out what you or your boss wants from you first.  This will apply to your personal life and your business life as well.  When you are observing what the needs of everyone are, you will be better able to understand what the importance of it all is. You need to think about the performances that you do and how you achieve your current goals.  Look for ways to make your life easier and more successful and [...]

Finding a Positive Attitude in 2020

This week we have been focusing on positive attitudes. Having a positive attitude is key to success with what ever you do. | We have compiled some different tips, stories and quotes that can help you find a positive attitude for 2020. Flying with Superman Former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, so the story goes, was once in an aircraft preparng for take-off. A flight attendant noticed that his seatbelt was unfastened. 'Sir, would you please do up your seat belt?' Muhammad Ali looked up with his characteristic saucy grin and said in his slow, gravelly drawl: 'Superman don't need no seatbelt!' But the attendant was quick with a reply: 'Superman don't need no aeroplane. Do up your belt!' Muhammad Ali, as we know, was renowned for his positive mental attitude, a trait he displayed every day throughout his career, in the ring and [...]

11 Ways You Can Tackle Priorities

1. Address management problems first. Give top priority to any problem on your list that is making you ineffective as a manager. If, for example, you have a personal conflict with your superior or your personal assistant, your effectiveness in dealing with other priorities could be seriously hampered. Face such problems immediately; get them out in the open; and devise solutions quickly. 2. Group your priorities meaningfully. It is sometimes possible to prioritise your daily goals and save time and effort. For example, by postponing an inspection of new equipment in the factory block across the parking lot until after lunch, you might find that you can do so after a scheduled mid-afternoon meeting with the factory supervisor. You may even be able to accomplish a couple more of your goals for the day during that one trip. Sensible planning brings its time-saving rewards. 3. Do it – [...]

How to establish a Learning Culture in the Workplace

It’s one thing to say that you want to be a business or organisation with a learning culture, but to actually see it cultivated is another story. This requires the acceptance of particular attitudes, values and practices that support ongoing learning. Training is a key part of the process when it comes to establishing a learning culture. Learning serves to expand thinking, open minds and encourage individuals to reinterpret their world. Peter Senge identified five disciplines of a learning culture that contribute to building a vibrant and healthy learning culture. Personal Mastery: Cultivate an environment where individual goals are valued and achieved through partnership with the employee and the organisation. Mental Models: The idea that people’s perception of their environment shapes their decisions and behaviour. Shared Vision: Encourage teamwork and sharing by collaboratively setting goals and planning objectives. Team Learning: Valuing group conversation and thinking skills so [...]

11 ways to Communicate Effectively at work

The term ‘communication’ now includes many activities associated with everyday organisational life - oral, face-to-face, formal, informal, personal, interpersonal, nonverbal, and written - which is why so many organisational headaches are attributed to ‘communication problems’. Indeed, a common finding of organisational reviews is that ‘communication needs to be improved’. We spend so much time ‘communicating’, but so few of us give much thought to the essentials of this key management activity... 1. Always work to establish rapport. Without the trust and confidence of others with whom you are communicating, much of what you say will be lost. It is imperative, therefore, that you take time to establish and build rapport. Knowing your audience is a vital part of this process. 2. Attract the attention of your target audience. It’s not what you communicate but how you do it. People are being bombarded with information and have become very [...]

8 Steps to Implementing a Great Mission Statement

You’ve followed the suggestions provided on previous pages about developing a mission statement and are now ready to implement that mission. If you’ve used an inclusive process to develop the statement, your efforts will be rewarded in this implementation phase: you’ve demonstrated an understanding of the importance in the development of acceptance, commitment, and ownership. Now, in implementation, you can benefit from your efforts thus far… 1. Form an ad hoc committee. Select a working party representative of all groups in the organisation – management and staff. This team, established for the specific purpose of successfully implementing the new mission, will be disbanded after this intention has been realised. By being expansive about committee membership, you will give every group an opportunity to be involved in the implementation process. Make sure that each working party member wants to be involved and, therefore, is prepared to give the task the priority [...]

How to Avoid Causing Conflict

Conflict is inevitable in any organisation. When handled properly, it can contribute significantly to personal and organisational health. It can improve understanding and produce innovative solutions to problems. When handled poorly, however, it leads to hurt feelings, damaged relationships, and low morale. Managers must be able to minimise hostility between themselves and their staff members; and the best way to manage harmful conflict is to prevent it from ever arising. Here are some suggestions... 1. Learn to be an effective communicator. Communication is the lifeblood of an organisation. Conflict is often caused by people not listening to or understanding each other. Misunderstandings can result in accusations, blame, and personal attacks. At times, there is no real conflict, simply misinterpretation. Work at improving your communication skills for listening and speaking so that you minimise misunderstanding. Convey the need for clarity in all your discussions. 2. Keep your staff informed. By [...]

6 Steps to Developing Leadership Qualities in Others

Even those people who support the disputed theory that leaders are ‘born’ to excel, admit that environment and training are usually needed to develop successful leaders. Effective leaders are a vital ingredient to business, sports, medical, research, military, and all other team-oriented activities. The important questions, of course, are: Where do leaders come from? How do we find them? How can we identify them? How can we make them? The answers relate to recognizing talent and then encouraging, cultivating, and mentoring those potential leaders so that they can flourish in your organization. Explore the following strategies to help you and your organization succeed in this process… 1. Consider what strategies you currently have in place in your organization. To gauge what is required in terms of a leadership development program in your organization, you will need to answer the following questions: • Does our company have a comprehensive plan [...]

Conducting a Successful Video Conference

One of the outcomes of the events of COVID-19 has been increased attention on video conferencing as a means of eliminating or reducing the need to travel. The issue of safety has been added to the previous cost-benefits of reduced traveling time and costs; time can be spent more productively. Increasingly, these benefits have made video conferencing more popular as a means of bringing people together - across the country and around the world. Here’s how to make sure you derive maximum value from your next video conference... 1. Arrange service provision. Video conferencing is a flexible medium facilitated by satellite, broadcast, or cable signals. In addition, web conferencing can be adapted to mini-conferencing by incorporating digital cameras. To choose the best option, obtain expert advice. Some larger organisations have in-house facilities and expertise, but you might need an external service provider. Contact the provider as soon as [...]

How to accomplish more through the use of a personal achievement list

Too often managers modestly, and often unjustly or even unwittingly, hide their successes from others - and indeed from themselves. They fail to understand that the simple strategy of recording personal successes can motivate, increase self-productivity, and support career advancement. The compilation of a personal achievement list can have a considerable effect on a manager's professional life... 1. Acknowledge your achievements to date. Most managers see themselves as 'modest achievers'. They're so accustomed to doing what they do and what is expected of them that they rarely, if ever, class any of their accomplishments as 'achievements'. Indeed, when people are impressed with something they've done - something that perhaps seems rather ordinary to them - they're surprised. As a manager, you can use your past achievements more positively to motivate you to greater heights. To shrug off those achievements modestly, as most professionals are prone to do, or to [...]

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12 Tips to Ending Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the main reasons we don't perform to our full potential. It is a comfortable human habit that is not easy to break. But if you allow procrastination to become deeply entrenched, it can wreck your personal effectiveness and, in turn, the effectiveness of your organisation. Here are a dozen simple techniques that people have successfully used over the years to beat procrastination. Through the application, you can discover which will work best for you... 1. The priorities plan If you are forced into procrastination beyond your control because there are just too many tasks and so little time, do the important things first. Prioritise and give the greatest and immediate attention to the most pressing jobs. 2. The divide-and-conquer strategy If you are procrastinating because of the sheer awesomeness of a task, the key is to break it up into smaller, more manageable components. Once you [...]

Make a Good Impression on the Telephone Today

Often, the only impression a customer or client gains of your organisation is the one generated by your staff on the telephone. Research has shown that poor telephone etiquette can result in poor public relations and millions of dollars in lost revenue. Having invested large sums of money in equipment to improve communications with customers, some organisations simply forget to invest in the human skills. First, consider the following advice... 1. Know what really frustrates your callers. Organisations have suffered in recent years through staff failure to use the telephone appropriately. Recent research reveals that the main frustrations customers or clients experience today in dealing with organisations by telephone are these: taking too long to answer being put 'on hold' and forgotten being transferred and having to repeat the inquiry being answered by voice mail and other 'machines' not having calls returned music on hold, rudeness, perceived indifference, not [...]

How to Bounce Back from a Personal Setback Stronger Than Ever

1. Know that we all react differently to setbacks. A setback is an incident that checks our progress and brings our momentum to a grinding and usually disappointing halt. Our self-esteem can deflate; our confidence and motivation hit rock bottom. People respond differently. Some fall apart; others get back to work immediately; some turn to drink, become depressive, withdrawn, angry, and non-productive, the setback affecting all areas of their lives for some time. One’s degree of maturity, particularly in terms of emotional intelligence, becomes a vital factor in successfully overcoming the personal impact of a major disappointment. 2. Work through the stages of emotional turmoil after a setback. In ‘Emotional Intelligence at Work’, US psychologist Hendrie Weisinger identifies seven sequential post-setback stages common to most people. He says that, following a setback, ‘you need to experience and manage each stage, successfully moving through each one. Failure to do so [...]

How to use Government subsidised training to Improve your career prospects during lockdown.

How to use Government subsidised training to Improve your career prospects during lockdown. The Australian Government is encouraging Australians to use the next six months proactively. If your employment situation has recently changed or looks like changing e.g you have recently been told to 'work from home', 'stood down’, ‘laid off’, or are finding yourself with a whole lot more ‘At Home” time, we can help you find best options for Improving your career prospects during the lockdown. What you can do right now to develop professionally Gaining qualifications is one of the best things you can do right now to improve your employability and create job security. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, you are 20% more likely to gain employment by having 2 Post-School qualifications. That gives you an 82% employment rate, compare that to just 61% for those without post-school qualifications. Right now [...]

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Morrison Government  Announces Coronavirus relief package for education*. What can this mean for you... In a nutshell... The Government wants you to use your time social distancing (extra At Home time) to develop skills for new jobs. "The Government is encouraging all Australians to use the next six months “to re-school, to re-skill, or to re-engage in other parts of the workforce.” “To enable people, rather than bingeing on Netflix, to binge on studying.” Mr Tehan said. "This plan will help Australians who have lost their job or are looking to retrain to use their time studying in areas considered national priorities," Mr Tehan said. Details of the program are slowly emerging this week* How can you Benefit from this package… Loan Fee Exemption Save 20% loan fee on Diploma and Advanced Diploma Qualifications Gaining your Diploma or Advanced Diploma Qualifications are now much more affordable. You [...]

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How You Can Boost Morale Within Your Workplace

‘Low morale’ is what most managers don’t want to hear when esprit among their employees is being discussed. Organisations whose morale is considered low usually lack achievement motivation and a sense of real purpose. As well, the turnover of their employees is usually high. Though reversing these trends will take time, In times like these, it has never been more important.  you can be assured of success if you act on the following suggestions… 1. Become a morale missionary. Morale is a group phenomenon but an individual matter. We speak of high morale in a group – meaning that most of the people in the group have a good sense of esprit. Group morale, however, depends on the morale of each individual in the group. Thus, improvement in esprit de corps can be achieved only by improving the morale of every person in the group. This is best achieved through the [...]

How YOU Can Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

In uncertain times it can be very easy to overthink what might happen to your career. It is true that some things are out of our control, but one thing that is certainly in our control is our attitude. Our ability to choose how we respond to the things that are out of our control. It is often your attitude which determines how you think, what you do and what you can achieve in the future. Although changing attitudes is not easy, it can be done. Here’s a nine-step process that can lead to the development of a positive mental attitude, a will to win, and career success on the other side of adversity … 1. Take charge of your attitude. Religious writer Charles Swindoll encapsulates it precisely: “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It [...]

Feeling Stuck? Here’s 10 Top Tips for Setting Achievable Goals

Goal-setting has been described as ‘the inner technology of success’. It is one of your organisation’s most important activities. Unless taken seriously, this vital planning task will be futile, producing only a few high-sounding intentions that, for various reasons, are soon forgotten. So, if you want challenging and achievable goals, you should consider these basic principles… 1. Make sure your goals are realistic. A goal that aims too high, or offers a great deal of risk, with little chance of achievement, leads to frustration and surrender. It’s easy, for example, to say that a goal for the year is: ‘To increase production by 150%’ – but quite unrealistic with inadequate resources and uncommitted staff. 2. Keep your goals simple. If goals are complex, it is unlikely they will be clear and specific enough to focus effort and marshal the necessary resources. Clear simple goals give staff an unmistakable vision of what needs [...]

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