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Global Training Institute specialises in providing the required Courses for registration within

Mining and Quarrying for Site Senior Executives, Safety and other senior positions

Global Training Institute specialises in providing required G3 + G7 Courses  for those with experience in Mining, Quarries, Safety or those who need to gain registration as G3 or G7.  You can complete the required units listed below, online with us, fast and simply using the safety and risk management systems you have already created.

Remember that when you complete these courses with us you will:

  • Have UNLIMITED phone sessions with your trainer day or night (so can fit this in around work)
  • Be able to use any risk or safety systems or policies etc that you have developed before
  • Be able to complete online – from wherever you are or we can post you the materials
  • Results statements issued very quickly after you finish completing your Safety or Risk Management System with your Trainer.

Site Senior Executive (SSE) Requirements

QLD coal mining legislation requires that anyone wishing to sit the Mines Inspectorate’s SSE Legislation exam must have first completed the risk management competency RIIRIS601D as the pre-requisite, which is awarded on successful completion of this course.

As of the 30th June 2011 the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee determined that all persons appointed as a site senior executive (SSE) under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 are required to demonstrate to the Board of Examiners their knowledge of the current Queensland coal mining legislation by undertaking a written examination (“the SSE examination”) before appointment to the role in accordance with section 54(1) of the Act.

In addition they must possess a qualification in risk management in either:

  1. RIIRIS601D or commonly known as ‘G3’
  2. MINE7033 or
  3. GMIRM

Holding a Notice from the Board of Examiners of compliance with this requirement is a prerequisite to taking up duties as an SSE. This includes ‘acting’ as a SSE.

Coal Mining Site Senior Executive Requirements…

As of 01 January 2011, the unit RIIRIS601D Establish and Maintain the risk management system (commonly known as G3) is a prerequisite competency to be appointed as a Site Senior Executive as defined in the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 and as required by the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Council.

SSE – G3 Risk Manager

The Site Senior Executive course is tailored to suit coal mine workers who wish to progress their career in the mining industry to the position of Site Senior Executive. The course is applicable to both surface and underground coal mining operations and is not limited only to persons wishing to become SSE’s. It is also suited to other professionals already working within the mining industry who wish to further their knowledge of, and who would benefit from a solid understanding of OHS & Risk Management Systems in their current roles, for example: department managers, superintendents, engineers, geologists, and health & safety professionals. QLD coal mining legislation mandates that anyone wishing to sit the Mines Inspectorate’s SSE Legislation exam must have first completed the risk management competency RIIRIS601D as the pre-requisite, which is awarded on successful completion of the SSE’s course.

Have your skills and experience recognised towards this Nationally Recognised units.


“I completed my RIIRIS601 unit through RPL. RPL involved me answering questions, providing workplace documents of the Risk Management System I had created and I had some phone interviews with my Assessor.  I found this RPL process well constructed and clear with the process, feedback, instructions etc.  The support from Global Training Institute was excellent.  I would recommend this for others to be recognized for their skills.”  George Turvey,  Health and Safety Manager

“I completed my G3+ G7 units – RIIRIS601 + RIIOHS601 in 1 week by completing my assessments and submitting them.  I found the support processes excellent.  They were quick to respond to questions, efficient and the assessments for these units were streamlined no fattening out the course to fill in time.” Paul Green

“What Global Training Institute offered me was very good and just what I required.  I found the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) process very easy to facilitate and I appreciated the process to work through.  I gained a more thorough understanding of obligations and the necessary framework required to manage and communicate risk. The staff were helpful and commutative and quick to respond.    I would recommend the course to others.  The course application and whole process flowed well.” Dale Burgess

“I would recommend completing your G3 RIIRIS unit with Global Training Institute. I completed my G# RIIRIS601 through the assessment process, without RPL.  I found the support processes worked well in the online environment.  I learnt how to develop risk management ‘Systems’ rather than just  a procedure.” William Ahern

“I would definitely recommend Global Training Institute to complete your G3 with.  There online method is a great way to gain your G3 if you have considerable knowledge and experience already.  The self-funded online training placed me in a position to be immediately employable. ‘Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money…’ There was great flexibility that suited my circumstances.  I found there was good coverage of content across the subjects from theory to practice eg Negotiation skills/types applied them to risk assessment facilitation with a diverse team. Support and guidance is very good.  It was really easy to enrol and complete the assessment processes.  The staff were all friendly and helpful.” Allan Simms