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Be prepared for emergencies or opportunities!

Picture this: You’re in the middle of a bustling city square when a mime, yes, a mime, silently challenges you to a game of charades. The crowd gathers, excitement builds, and you think, “Why on earth did I skip that drama class in school?”

Just like an impromptu mime showdown, life throws unexpected (and sometimes downright quirky) challenges our way. While we can’t predict every mime or metaphorical curveball, what we can do is equip ourselves with a wide array of skills and knowledge to handle them with grace.

I know the example we opened with is a bit on the abstract side, but we have heard our students give feedback time and time again, of real-world curveball moments which they’ve been able to readily adapt to through the training they received during their qualification.

My personal favourite is a student who completed a qualification in Project Management Practice only 2 weeks before a natural disaster struck their town.  They told us they felt confident assisting with the coordination of relief efforts, and quickly became the official liaison to the ADF personnel who arrived to support relief efforts, and they thanked their training for the ease with which they stepped up into a role which would have previously seemed daunting.  This emergency-turned-opportunity actually led to a dream career, calling daily on the skills learned from that Project Management qualification.

These sort of examples of real-world application of learning, of the positive impact a person who is ready to step up into a spontaneous leadership role, this is really what drives us here at Global Training Institute.  Our primary purpose is to equip our students to be leaders, and to make significant contributions to their family, workplace, community, and their world.

So the question you’re asking is “what does this have to do with me, and why are you talking about mimes?”.

Great question, I’m glad you asked!

The reality is that life’s unpredictable scenarios, whether they’re as whimsical as a mime’s challenge or as serious as a natural disaster, share a common thread: the need for preparation. We strongly believe in the value of accruing more than just theoretical knowledge; but about imbuing ourselves with real, applicable skills that can be drawn upon in those “mime moments” of life. Each of the points below highlights a core tenet of how to stay prepared for both the expected and unexpected stages of your professional and personal journey.

1. Bridging the Skills Gap

Every challenge, whether it’s nailing a work presentation or, say, interpreting a mime’s invisible box, requires a specific skill set. Ensure you are armed with a diverse range of skills, making them ready for anything the world throws their way.

2. A Lifelong Learning Mindset

Life’s little surprises aren’t always scheduled. Embracing continuous learning means always being on your toes, ready to face new experiences head-on, be they professional challenges or impromptu street performances.

This mindset is paramount in seeing potential obstacles not as finite roadblocks, but as surmountable exercises in creative and lateral problem solving.

3. Flexibility and Customised Learning

The unpredictable nature of life demands adaptability. Global Training offers tailored learning experiences, allowing individuals to shape their educational journey in a way that suits their unique goals and life situations.  Our expert trainers can help to contextualise the subject matter in ways which make the learning outcomes directly applicable to your current job role (or to a hypothetical job role, if you are looking to re-skill for a career change).

We do this because we have seen the difference between “Learning by numbers”, and delivering customised learning at a time that suits.

Let’s face it; learning works best when it matters to us. Involving a “How can I apply this” scenario can really help new key concepts to take hold.

4. Unparalleled Support

Beyond mime showdowns, being part of a community means learning from one another. Global Training provides exceptional support during your training, ensuring you’re never learning alone.  We believe strongly in the benefit of having the right support at the right time, as well as having a special, super-motivating person in your corner to help you keep your mind set on your study and career goals.

Surround yourself with the right supportive network for your best chance at success.

5. Real-world Application

Theory is great, but real-life application is where the magic happens. Be it in a boardroom, a city square, or an impromptu community relief centre, the hands-on experience that you can use in spontaneous application is something that really drives the learning outcomes home, and turns theoretical knowledge into a readily applicable skill.

Remember to be on the lookout for chances to apply what you’ve been learning.

Life is unpredictable, full of oddities and opportunities alike, be it in the realm of your career or the quirky turns of everyday life. Be ready to turn emergency into opportunity, and have the confidence to act when that opportunity arrives.

Hopefully this covers “what does this have to do with me…”

And as for the second part of your question…I have no reasonable answer.

Thanks for your time in reading this, and please feel free to let us know what you thought of the article in the comments section.