Have you just started studying online?

Are you part way through your course and struggling to maintain the discipline to get it done? Maybe it’s been such a long time since you studied that you don’t remember how to sit in one place and work for too long! Studying online can be really difficult and it’s important to know what YOU need to make your study time valuable. Here are some important study tips for those who are studying online.

Be clear about the reason that you decided to do your online course.

Write down why you are doing it and display this where you will see it regularly.If you have a clear vision about WHY you are studying then you will feel more motivated to push through when it gets tiring or stressful. Nothing valuable is ever easy, so don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. Always keep your eye on the goal…what career options will the course open up? What possible promotions will you receive?

Studying online is a great way to gain a qualification. Check out these study tips!Work out some rewards for yourself along the way as you complete assessments etc.

Always give yourself something to look forward to when you achieve a milestone in your study. That might be as small as finishing an assessment or completing a unit. Possible rewards might be…the chance to watch a movie, a night out with friends, a chocolate bar, a day trip to the beach etc. Whatever you love, reward yourself with. Your mind and body will remember this and be more motivated to complete assessments.

Get to know the online course you are studying

As soon as possible, go over the assessments and learning material for your course. This will allow you to collect things from your work eg. samples of forms, emails reports etc that you need for later subjects. You will also be able to plan out how much time to allocate for each unit or subject.

Learn your way around your online study area

If you are not too comfortable with computers, make sure you allow yourself time to get used to working online, and make sure you give it a go. Watch the videos, read the Frequently Asked Questions and call for assistance if you can’t find anything or are unsure of what you are doing. You can book as many Study Area tours as you need.

Manage your time effectively

Although you have the convenience of not having to attend classes, you will still have to set aside regular time for studying online.

Make sure you commit a certain number of hours per week to your course – for most courses allow 4 hours per week if you want to complete it before 12 months.

Find yourself a study area

    • Find a quiet comfortable place free from distractions that you can use specifically for studying online.
    • Create a work atmosphere e.g. by working at a desk.
    • Try to avoid using your study place for relaxing or social activities such as chatting, writing letters etc.

Keep your work place free from clutter

Get the help you need – Stay in touch with your Trainer and support staff

Contact your Trainer regularly either by our toll free number or email.

  • Be sure to seek immediate help from your Trainer if you do not understand the course content, what is needed for your assessment or you are experiencing any other difficulties. Remember your Trainer is there for support!

Connect with others also doing your course or invite a work friend to do the course also.

You will be able to work together but you will need to submit your own assessments. Having a study partner is motivating because you can talk about the subjects and bounce ideas off each other if  you don’t understand something.

Be disciplined – Don’t Give Up!

  • Set regular goals and deadlines and stick to them.
  • Avoid procrastination – do your work and reward yourself.

Keep going and you will get there –you will gain your Qualification and we look forward to celebrating this achievement with you.

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