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Project Management is about ensuring that the work is going according to plan – whatever that means. There are as many different responsibilities and opportunities for a Project Manager as there are projects to be completed, and depending on the industry you’re working in, you might find yourself surveying a construction site, managing subcontractors and human resources, working with architects, accountants, health and safety and other compliance leads

The average salary for a Project Manager in Australia’s mining industry is higher than $95,000; in banking, it’s closer to $130,000; some software companies will pay closer to $200,000. This is an important, high-level role, valued by many of the country’s largest and most high-profile employers and brands, and they’re willing to pay to get the right people for the job. The sky’s the limit!

Where would you like to work? Building ? Oil and Gas ? Mining ? Opportunities for qualified Project Managers reach into the corporate stratosphere. Successful Project Managers can move between industries, gaining valuable experience in a wide range of environments, and either specializing in short term contracts independently or with a specialist PM agency, or working for a single employer over the long term, handling projects worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, mastering the operations and workflows at your fingertips. And it all starts with that qualification.

Successful Project Managers can orchestrate the many parts of a project, without taking their eye off the bigger picture. It’s multi-tasking, elevated to an artform. You’ll be organised, disciplined, and flexible; you’ll thrive on building relationships, on promising low and delivering high, and on the sense of achievement that comes with having months of hard work come to fruition before your eyes. This is a career for independent thinkers with the drive to follow through from concept to delivery

You will learn to help manage projects based on international Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK – project, time, scope, cost, communication, procurement, risk, etc. You will also learn how to manage complex projects. There are projects that: Are greater than $50,000, Schedule time greater than 1 month Need a Project Manager Have a high business impact with an organisational wide communication strategy Include Multiple levels stakeholders (board members, executive managers, 3rd party providers, team members, functional managers, internal/external parties) Have formal reporting, documents, plans, etc.

Project Management Careers

Project management is an essential part of the modern workplace – every organisation undertakes projects, as they evolve. And today more than ever, the value of strong, coordinated, efficient project management systems are at a premium; and trained, qualified professionals are consistently in high demand. In fact, project management is ranked as one of the fastest growing sectors in the Australian labour market, with expected job openings and wages both substantially above the average.

Whether it is the substantial funding being allocated to new infrastructure projects, the rapid growth in healthcare services, or the baby boomers retiring from government roles, training for a career in Project Management now really is an unprecedented opportunity to put yourself in the right place at the right time.

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Here’s what our students say about our courses…

“I found the support processes very good. I liked how there was regular phone calls to check on progress and also offers of help to whenever I needed it. I would feel comfortable to ask questions as I got the impression that everyone is happy to help. I think the whole course was helpful in developing work skills. I look forward to going on with my studies and have a solid basis to work from. I think the overall set up of the course was easy to follow, I liked how we could pick the subjects to do in an order that suited us. I would recommend this course to others.” – Jarrod Howell

“It has allowed me to pursue a higher position within another organisation. Numerous topics I was able to discuss at the job interview, which I learnt during the learning phase of these courses. I would not have been able to pursue this new position had I not completed these courses. I have already recommended the training to others.” – Tony Grey

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