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Certificate IV

Certificate IV in Business (Administration Focus)

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Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

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Certificate IV in New Small Business

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Diploma of Business

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Diploma of Human Resources Management

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Diploma of Business Administration

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Diploma of Quality Auditing

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Diploma of Leadership and Management

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Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma of Business

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Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

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To manage a business successfully you need strong skills in administration, human resources management, finances, strategic planning, project management, quality assurance and marketing. These courses will provide you with those skills and show employers that you have the ability to help you manage the business or organisation.

If you have a desire to start your own business, become financially independent, implement a great idea you have had for a long time, want to implement better structure into your business processes, we can help you through our online business courses and training.

Regardless of the type or size of your business, in order for it to have the best chance of success and growth is for you to undertake business studies/business training.
We are not talking about university degrees – but rather more practical and relevant training that you can apply immediately to your business.

Completing a Business Qualification gives you the opportunity to:
• Grow, develop and improve your business
• Gain the foundational skills to run the business successfully
• Gain the management skills to manage the business
• Take your business to a whole new level
• Grow your customer base and your profits
• Maximise the output from a more motivated staff
• Develop new business and marketing strategies
• Make your business work for you – rather than you for it
• Obtain a formal qualification while growing your business
• Gain that ‘piece of paper’ that will reinforce your past experience
• Add letters after your name

Our School of Business and Entrepreneurship is one of Australia’s leading online business schools,
Our courses are ideal for Business Owners (all sizes), Entrepreneurs, Managers, Franchise Owners and those wanting to start a business.

Entrepreneurship is about opportunity identification, development and capture. Entrepreneurs organise, manage and assume the risk of a business or enterprise – That’s it! That is what entrepreneurs do, and why they are called Entrepreneurs.
Whether you would like to be (or already are) a:
• Start-up Business Entrepreneur – those that like to develop an idea from scratch and form new businesses or an
• Entrepreneurial leader – those that can be found in larger companies, developing opportunities within the existing business, using the existing infrastructure to leverage off.
A lot of us have entrepreneurial gifts and abilities, but don’t know how to implement or put our ideas into action. If you often get great ideas or figure out solutions to business problems, you may be an entrepreneur. With the correct training and tools, you will be equipped to put these ideas into action and start creating businesses and enterprises of your own.
Completing your Certificate IV in Small Business is a great way to develop your entrepreneurial skills and get your business started.

Global Training Institute is passionate about helping you as a franchisor or a franchisee become successful.
Understanding the technical aspects of your Franchise System will get your new Franchisees started, but you need to make sure they have the right business management skills, will sustain their long term growth and prosperity. And don’t forget your existing Franchisees that often need to learn new business management skills.
Franchisors who have had their Franchisees (new and existing) participate in this Franchise training program, are now reaping the benefits, including:
• More motivated, happier Franchisees making more profits
• Higher performances, with struggling ‘ees now blossoming
• More time to induct new ‘ees’ into ‘the system
• Franchisees committed to and investing in further business skills training and coaching
• With the extra business skills training offered access to a wider pool of potential Franchisees
• With more success from Franchisees increased referrals and good PR
Global Training Institute’s Franchising Training Program is recommended for:
• New Franchisees
• Existing Franchisees
• ‘below best’ franchisees
• Those who would like to obtain a formal qualification in franchising.
If you would like to further your franchising skills, or would like your franchisees to take part in high quality training, Global Training Institute offers an in-depth, practical qualification for this purpose. Be confident that your franchisees will be able to sustain your franchise and assist in expanding your business with the practical skills and knowledge acquired by this online training program

Forward-thinking and well run Companies and Businesses have a culture of business planning, continuous improvement, career progression, coaching and mentoring.
Planning and implementing improvement strategies help you to be proactive in managing change and improving products, services, morale and systems. As a result, so too does your bottom line improve.
It is often the case that it takes someone from ‘outside’ to identify areas of improvement, to facilitate appropriate and relevant planning sessions, and to develop systems to help keep your leaders and managers on track.
For over the past 15 years, Global Training Institute Trainers have been delivering these services to businesses of all sizes and in a variety of fields all around Australia. We take the time to understand the constraints under which you operate, and can help to devise real, actionable solutions, through the following Services. Whether you are setting up a small business or wanting to expand your current business, this business management and business planning training and support will help you.
Our business qualifications will also help you to learn these skills – especially the Advanced Diploma of Business.

Business Careers

Growing a business is not easy, and there are certain skills and knowledge that one needs to see sustainable business growth. At Global Training Institute we are passionate about supporting business owners, because we know what it’s like. The trainers and directors of Global Training have owned businesses for many years, and want to help equip other business owners in their endeavours.

It is often the case that it takes someone from ‘outside’ to identify areas of improvement, to facilitate appropriate and relevant management sessions, and to develop systems to help keep your leaders and managers on track.

For over the past 15 years, Global Training Institute  have been helping businesses of all sizes and in a variety of fields all around Australia to grow their businesses. We take the time to understand the constraints under which you operate, and can help to devise real, actionable solutions, through the following Services. Whether you are setting up a small business or wanting to expand your current business, this business management and business growth training and support will help you.

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Here’s what our students say about our courses…

“The Course helped me understand how to market my business more. I also learned how to manage cash flow financial spreadsheet which is helpful in developing my work skills.””

Kellie Phillips
“The greatest epiphany I obtained from the training was learning of the 5 business KPIs and how even small incremental increases in these can have a dramatic increase in profit. The course was comprehensive and wasn’t just theory, it applied directly to my business and because of this I would recommend it to others.”
Timothy Daly

“This is my second Diploma completed with Global and I have always found the office support staff to be very helpful in responding to my queries. As with any kind of learning there is always a benefit and I picked up different elements from all of the elements of the course. The most helpful aspects of the training were looking at business structures and how to best manage them.”

Graham Bickerstaff
“The course was very comprehensive. All the training was well put together and I would recommend it 100%. Supervisors and Managers should do it. The assessments were easy to follow and complete. The support was easy to access when I required it. I improved my project management and OHS tasks at work as a result of the training.”
Jared Lord

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