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As you’ll see below, there are lots of options: subsidies, payment plans, government grants that can even make your course 100% FREE or at least pay $0 upfront to start….
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You are welcome to have a browse around each option, but you’ll probably find more than one that will fit you.

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What funding am I eligible for?

Smart & Skilled, Skilling for Recovery, JobTrainer
If you Live or Work in NSW this option is for you…
FREE and low cost courses*

  • FEE FREE QualificationsANY of the following-
    Under 24;
    Not working;
    Receive a Commonwealth Benefit;
    JobSaver (Employer claiming on your behalf);
    Do not have any formal qualifications – Certificate III or above;
    Veterans plus spouses;
    New job (under 6 months) 
  • Traineeship – New worker under 3 months with company
  • Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander; Humanitarian Visa Holder
  • LOW COST – 60% – 77% course subsidy – if working (Previous qualifications allowed – all levels)

*Australian Citizens, Humanitarian Visa holders, eligible New Zealand Citizens & Permanent Residents

*‘Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments

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Mid-Career Checkpoint Program

$3000 towards your next qualification… NSW, QLD, VIC

Do one of the following apply to you:

1. Do you work in any of these industries?

– Administrative and Support Services (e.g. employment services, travel & tour services, office, call centres, packaging)
– Retail
– Accommodation and Food Services (e.g. cafe, restaurant, takeaway food, clubs, any accommodation)
– Residential Care Services (e.g. aged care, residential care, disability care)
– Child Care Services
– Education and Training
– Building cleaning, pest control, gardening
– Arts and Recreation (e.g. museum, heritage, parks and gardens, zoos, creative and performing arts, sport and recreation, gambling)

2. Have you taken more than 6 months unpaid time out of work to undertake caring responsibilities (family, disabled, aged…) and are now looking to return to paid employment?

3. Have you returned to the paid workforce within the last 18 months after spending 6 months or more undertaking caring responsibilities (family, disabled, aged…)?

Access potential funding up to $3,000 towards your next qualification with the Mid-Career Checkpoint Program

*Eligible participants only:
Must hold: Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residency Visa, or New Zealand Citizenship and living in Australia prior 26th February 2001.

Please contact us on 1800 998 500 to apply today.

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SOUTH AUSTRALIA  Funded Training

If you Live or Work in SA this option is for you…
Low cost courses*

The South Australian Government subsidises many of our qualifications.
JobTrainer is a further subsidy also available.

*This training is subsidised by the SA Government

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Plus 40 Program – Skills Checkpoint

Are you aged over 40 and looking to reskill?

The Australian Government, through its Skills and Training Incentive, is providing up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) to fund training to help mature age Australians update their skills and remain in the workforce longer.

Funding is $1 for $1 up to $2200.  They match what you can afford to pay them eg. if you can pay them $2200 they will match $2200.   If your fees are $2850 and you can pay them $1425, they will pay $1425.  If you only afford $500, then they will match $500 

If you are interested, you have to apply for the subsidy.

Contact:  Busy at Work

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If cashflow is an issue, this could be a good option for you…

Study Now & Pay Later with VET Student Loans

Use a loan from the Aust Government.

  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • $0 Upfront Payment

*Australian Citizens, Humanitarian Visa holders and eligible New Zealand Citizens

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QLD – Construction Industry

If you work in Construction – either Building or Civil Construction, and live or work in Queensland, this option is for you…

You may be eligible for funding assistance in the form of a subsidy from Construction Skills QLD.

*Eligible participants only

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Study Loan

If you need private finance to help pay your fees, check out this option…

You can borrow all or part of your tuition fees through Study Loans Australia.

Contact Study Loans to learn more and apply 1800 566 699, or click the ‘Learn More’ button below.

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Payment Plans & Tax Deductions

If you want to pay your student fees via payment plan throughout the duration of your course, this option is for you…

Interest free; pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to suit your cashflow.
Usually 100% tax deductible if it relates to your work.
Currently 120% tax deductible for them if your employer pays.

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