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Why gain Project Management Qualifications?

In today’s competitive world, employers expect formal qualifications when looking to employ their supervisory, senior staff and project managers..

Do you find that the lack of formal qualifications is beginning to hold you back from receiving the promotion you would like, achieving career goals or getting a good job? Global Training Institute’s School of Project Management offers a variety of nationally and internationally recognised, practical and relevant Project Management courses and formal qualifications in accordance to AQF standards.

The growing infrastructure projects in Australia, the ‘One Belt One Road’ China projects and the major oil and gas projects around the world, are creating an even greater demand for those with civil construction qualifications.

Benefits with completion of a Project Management Course:Qualifiication Guarantee for Entrepreneurship training

  • Advance your career – through promotion or being able to apply for new jobs
  • Put letters after your name to show that you have the ‘piece of paper’ to back up your experience
  • Be more effective in your current role by applying your new skills and knowledge
  • Be eligible for a membership with Professional Associations, such as PMI-Project Management Institute or Australian Institute of Project Management
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Project Management Career Outlook

Project Management is a solid and exciting career that has global opportunities, high incomes, challenges and professional status. To help you to be part of it, or to get ‘the piece of paper’ that confirms your experience, we have project management training, project management courses, qualifications (Diplomas and Certificates), programs and practical solutions for:

  • Project Team Members
  • Project Co-ordinators
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Senior Project Directors

We even have a Project Management career pathway mapped out for you.

We offer the following speciality training streams:

  • Civil Construction/Civil Infrastructure Project Management
  • General Project Management
  • Construction Project Management training

Project Management Training is vital for those looking for a lucrative career.

Hundreds of Program Managers across Civil Construction, Mining, IT, Health, Education, Government , Non-profit organisations, have all chosen to gain their Project Management qualifications through our School of Project Management, because they:

  • Can turn their current jobs into a career in Project Management, and understand the project management theory behind what they do
  • Have their current project management skills and experience recognised towards formal Project Management Qualifications
  • Gain practical project management strategies, skills and resources that they can use in the projects they are managing
  • Have the ability to do the courses and programs online
  • Have no exams, no essays, do not need to take time off work
  • Do assessments that are practical, with activities based on their current projects

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