Civil Construction Career Pathway

Here’s how to develop your Civil Construction career!

If you are looking at building a sustainable Civil Construction career, it’s important to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge. We have compiled a career pathway table for you in order to help you identify what online qualification will best suit your career needs. Career development is important and formalising your skills with an online qualification will give you the opportunities you are looking for.

* Suggested Supervisor Roles

The list below outlines some of the tasks and responsibilities that may form part of a supervisor’s job. Not all supervisors will need to do all of the tasks every day and there are other tasks that have not been included here. Supervisors might be required to do any of the following:

  • Plan the day-to-day operations that are under their control.
  • Plan for the overall project/s under their control.
  • Provide cost estimates for labour, equipment and supplies.
  • Maintain and improve workplace safety.
  • Maximise efficiency and productivity.
  • Organise the resources necessary to get tasks completed.
  • Achieve maximum utilisation of resources (labour and equipment).
  • Ensure that the job is carried out in line with the specification.
  • Negotiate prices and delivery dates with sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Ensure that the work done on the job meets all quality control and quality assurance standards.
  • Prevent wastage of manpower and resources.
  • Assist in the financial management of the project.
  • Ensure that all tasks are carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.
  • Communicate effectively with personnel at all levels, including, labour, management,
  • Clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, members of the public, etc.
  • Act as the chairperson at site meetings.
  • Provide leadership to help build your team.
  • Play your part in maintaining harmonious industrial relations.
  • Be an active trouble-spotter and trouble-shooter.
  • Provide progress and other reports to the appropriate personnel.
  • Be on the lookout for more efficient ways to do things.
  • Be a good team player as well as a good team leader.
  • Accept that being a supervisor means more work, not less.

The career pathway for those wanting a civil construction career is ideal for the beginning of motivated career development.

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