It’s one thing to say that you want to be a business or organisation with a learning culture, but to actually see it cultivated is another story. This requires the acceptance of particular attitudes, values and practices that support ongoing learning.

Training is a key part of the process when it comes to establishing a learning culture.

Learning serves to expand thinking, open minds and encourage individuals to reinterpret their world. Peter Senge identified five disciplines of a learning culture that contribute to building a vibrant and healthy learning culture.

  • Personal Mastery: Cultivate an environment where individual goals are valued and achieved through partnership with the employee and the organisation.
  • Mental Models: The idea that people’s perception of their environment shapes their decisions and behaviour.
  • Shared Vision: Encourage teamwork and sharing by collaboratively setting goals and planning objectives.
  • Team Learning: Valuing group conversation and thinking skills so that together employees create solutions and new ideas with their various skill sets.
  • System Thinking: Bringing different departments together to see the bigger picture…not just their section of the business.

Benefits of creating a learning culture include:

  • Employees are more prepared for change
  • Employees expect and look forward to change and development
  • Businesses are more responsive to the shifts and changes of the market
  • Innovation brings growth
  • Employees are more loyal and energetic

If you are interested in how to create a Learning Culture within your business or organisation, take the time to research and study how to implement strategies to make it happen.

Further reading

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