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An often overlooked part of organisational development, in all sectors, is ensuring that the members of your governing body receive the corporate governance training that empowers them to be effective in their roles.

At Global Training Institute we offer corporate governance courses, with online flexibility, that will help your Board Members and Committee Members to not just meet your corporate governance responsibilities, but implement strategic planning initiatives as well.

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Corporate Governance Qualifications

Businesses and organisations who have board and committee members with formal training in their responsibilities have clear direction. By undertaking corporate governance training that is both practical and relevant, your business will receive the benefit of knowledge that will take it to a whole new level.

Corporate Governance Qualifications can be completed online, online with residential workshops and through in-house company training. Your qualification will be recognised Australia-wide and respected internationally.

 View the range of Corporate Governance qualifications below, and select a program to suit you. You can enrol and get started today!Qualifiication Guarantee for Entrepreneurship training

Certificate IV Level

Diploma Level

We have in place Corporate Governance Courses, Qualifications and Individual Subjects that meet your needs for:

  • Corporate Governance training, management, systems, policies, issues
  • Board Development
  • Financial Training
  • Board Evaluation
  • Board Governance
  • Responsibility of Board of Directors
  • Meeting & Retreat Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning Training and Facilitation
  • Risk Management

What is Corporate Governance? Corporate Governance needs to be conducted well within organisations. For more information, check out Global Training Institute's Corporate Governance courses.

Global Training Institute School of Corporate Governance will partner with you to provide an extensive range of services and solutions – solutions that are relevant, practical and produce results for your organisation.

We will help you ensure that your Board or Committee is relevant, effective, efficient and compliant – an asset to your organisation.

Our trainers in the School of Corporate Governance are experienced Board Members and have an in-depth understanding of corporate governance and board development issues.

Because we are a Registered Training Organisation, our Corporate Governance courses and qualifications are accredited in accordance with AQF standards. Rest assured that your organisation is receiving top quality Corporate Governance training.

What is Corporate Governance? Corporate Governance courses are available through Global Training Institute.

Completing a corporate governance qualification will give you, your Board Members and your senior staff the opportunity to:

  • Grow, develop, and improve your organisation or business
  • Ensure you are meeting your Governance responsibilites
  • Take Management skills to Corporate Governance level
  • Add letters after your/their names – important for establishing credibility and authority in your business niche
For more information regarding Australia’s guidelines and expectations with Corporate Governance Boards and Committees, click hereGlobal Training Institute is a Registered Training Organisation and is known for our high quality online Corporate Governance qualifications and courses. All qualifications offered with Global Training Institute are accredited and in line with AQF standards. If you would like more information, please contact us.