Peace of Mind + Experience

Global Training Institute has successfully provided governance programs throughout Australia for Indigenous organisations since 2004. Our team of experienced, cross-culturally trained professionals undertake this training throughout Australia including remote parts of QLD, NSW and WA.

Global Training Institute has been rigorously checked and is or has been an Approved Supplier for:

  • DEEWR – Indigenous Employment Panel Member
  • FaHCSIA – Indigenous Leadership and Engagement Group Panel
  • FaHCSIA(ICC Panel) for
  1. Financial management training and skills transfer
  2. Business restructuring assistance, advice and planning
  3. Corporate Governance advice and training for community organisations regarding contract management, human resources management and workplace relations, organisational planning and change management processes.
  • Dept. of Communities QLD – Leadership, Management & Governance Training
  • Indigenous Business Australia (under our Centre for Business Success brand)
  • QLD South Native Title (under Centre for Business Success brand)
  • Australian Public Service Commission – Leadership, Management, Project Management & Organisational Learning

Successful Delivery of the Indigenous Governance Training

Some of our Major Indigenous Governance Training Programs have included:

Department of Communities – SRINGO Project & SINGO Project 2008 – 2009

  • Trainers  based in Bamaga
  • Organisation and delivery of 2 x 4 Day Governance and Leadership Conference for Cape York, Torres Strait and Cairns Region, held in Cairns and Bamaga
  • Delivered a range of staff training workshops and Mentoring Sessions in Cape York including client service, time management, decision making, communication, career development, marketing
  • Delivered governance, financial management, and strategic planning workshops to boards and management committees in Torres Strait, Cape York and Cairns Region – Far North QLD
  • Mentored Management and Key staff
  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions
  • Ran operational planning workshops
  • Assisted in the review and development of position descriptions and KPI’s
  • Ran system development workshops and assisted in the development of policies and procedures
  • Assisted in the development of funding submissions

Governance, Financials & Strategic Planning Training 2006 – 2010

Delivered four day training workshops to Indigenous Organisations

Training was delivered in all areas of QLD including:

Wujal Wujal, Kowanyama, Laura, Cooktown, Mt Isa, Mareeba, Mitchell, Cairns, Townsville, Gin Gin, Bundaberg, Doomadgee, Normanton, Burketown, Chillagoe, Yarrabah, Ingham, Townsville, Pormpuraaw, Cunnamulla, Rockhampton, Toowoomba…

This project also included training for 34 groups x 4-day trainings within 4 months, in remote places in QLD and WA.

  • Programs have been delivered for organisations including:
  • Indigenous Land Corporation
  • Cape York Land Council
  • Carpentaria Land Council
  • Mualgal Torres Strait Islander Corporation
  • Cherbourg Mens Group
  • Kalkadoon Community Ltd
  • Kowamyama Cattle Co-operative
  • Pitta Pitta Land Trust
  • Kooma Traditional Owners
  • Djarindjin
  • Yuwaaliaay Elders
  • Ely Bauxite Mine Beneficiaries…

“I recommend others to do these workshops so we can hold our people to be more responsible.” Michael Ross, Chairman Cape York Land Council

“The workshops on Governance, Finances, Developing Business and Developing Policies were excellent and of great value to me, my family and the Corporation.” Desmond Tayley Mayor Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Community Council

“Excellent workshops. I really valued the training and presentation by Shane.” Percy Neal, Chairman Yarrabah Aboriginal Community Council

Global Training Institute has a proven track record of delivering high quality and successful information and training to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a culturally appropriate manner across different cultures.

Relating to indigenous communities and understanding of current issues

Our training and communication style is matched to the participants so that they are comfortable and therefore providing an environment where most learning can occur, and trust can be developed.

Our ability to communicate in our training has allowed us to have acceptance into (and ongoing work in) remote indigenous communities.

Working with many different communities in various parts of the country has allowed us to gain an up-to-date appreciation and understanding of different cultures, traditions, strengths and issues.

Our ability to relate to the training participants at varying levels and cultures has seen – our trainers being humbled by the acceptance of the elders and representatives and have been honored with gifts – fish, artifacts, artwork; time spent showing off their country, and special evenings around campfires.

The repeat business and referrals that we experience with the indigenous groups is a testament to our ability to address cultural, community and organisational issues.


“Hi Anne. Just to let you know the Mookai Rosie staff thoroughly enjoyed the two days workshop with Shane…Since then I have seen marked improvements in a lot of areas – and the CODE OF HONOUR has been typed up and distributed to all the staff. To add any further points thought of after the workshop, today in our staff meeting they agreed that it be typed up, and printed in Poster size and displayed in the workplace together with the Above the Line and Below Line diagram. At the workshop we all agreed to invite Shane back again in September to do a follow up on the team building and do more training. Many thanks” Heather Saleh

We have experienced MANY comments at the end of the training that included:

  • “We’ve never opened up to anyone like this before”
  • “You’re the first white fella we’ve really trusted”
  • “Great value. We learnt so much!!!! Good facilitation. Information was simple and understandable with lots of examples given and good visuals. Definitely recommend other groups participate.” Enid Surhe Mungalla Aboriginal Business Corporation
  • “Shane explained things well and made it easy to understand” N. Barney Manager
  • “I want to do this course again! Training was well. The speaker explained everything to us in plain language. I learnt to Never Never Never Give Up and reach for your goals. I will now be speaking up more at our meetings. Great leadership workshops” Cederic Friday, Councillor – Wujal Wujal Shire Council

Our Trainers are experienced and comfortable in training in many different environments – indoors, outdoors, under trees, around kitchen tables, in formal conference rooms, community halls, property paddocks…. This is demonstrated in the below photographs of various indigenous training’s and coaching/mentoring we have undertaken.

If you would like us to visit your community and conduct governance training or leadership training, please contact us.