An often overlooked part of organisational development, in all sectors, is ensuring that the members of your governing body receive the corporate governance training that empowers them to be effective in their roles.

At Global Training Institute we offer corporate governance courses, with online flexibility, that will help your Board Members and Committee Members to not just meet your corporate governance responsibilities, but implement strategic planning initiatives as well.

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Corporate Governance, Board Development Training

Corporate Governance Training and Board Development Workshops

Corporate Governance Workshops are available for board development Corporate governance training is available for those involved with Corporate Governance.

For your Board Members and Committees to get real hands-on instruction that will help them perform their roles to a much higher level, we have created a range of highly-regarded practical and relevant workshops specifically designed with Corporate Governance in mind.

Our Corporate Governance Workshops are customised so that they deliver the outcomes you want. Because they are conducted by presenters who are experienced Board and Committee members themselves, they are practical, motivating and full of ideas and strategies that can be immediately apply to your organisation.

Attendees at Global Training Institute’s special ‘Real Results Corporate Governance and Board Development Training Workshops’ gain new business, management and leadership skills and targeted corporate governance training.

This is practical, not merely theoretical, corporate governance training at its best, that will give you real and measurable results.

Global Training Institute’s Corporate Governance Training Workshops:

  • Are customised for your board or committee
  • Are of one day’s duration but can be modified to be shorter or longer
  • Can include board development implementation sessions: We find that real changes occur when your people implement the ideas and strategies that they learn, and by being accountable to someone ensures that strategies are implemented.
  • Include a ‘No Risk Guarantee’

If you think that these Corporate Governance workshops would benefit your Board of Committee, please contact us to discuss workshop options. 

For more information about the rules and regulations of Corporate Governance within Australia, click here