An often overlooked part of organisational development, in all sectors, is ensuring that the members of your governing body receive the corporate governance training that empowers them to be effective in their roles.

At Global Training Institute we offer corporate governance courses, with online flexibility, that will help your Board Members and Committee Members to not just meet your corporate governance responsibilities, but implement strategic planning initiatives as well.

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Corporate Governance Government Funded Courses

Corporate Governance training can be cheaper than you think!

If you are considering hosting training within your organisation or community, it’s important to know what opportunities are available. Training can be a strain on community Boards and Organisations, however there are funding options. Funding is available from a number of places for different types of qualifications, training and solution services. Achieve your wish to increase your organisatio Consrporate Governance standards by improving the Corporate Governance skill levels and qualifications of your Board or Committee members.

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Corporate Governance Government Funded Courses

Here’s Your Chance for Government Funded Corporate Governance Courses!

A number of other Boards that we provide training for, have taken advantage of funding through the National Workforce Development Fund.

Make no mistake. This opportunity is real and the funding and good governance training works, so why not take advantage of getting your people trained and qualified. Recognition of Prior Learning is also funded.


Who it applies to: Not-for-profit organisations and some limited for-profit organisations

Funding for: Training, Planning, Policy Development

Amounts Available: Various amounts

How to Qualify: Not-for-Profit Organisations

For more details and assistance in applying for this funding, contact us

NSW Funding – New and Existing Workers

Funding is available for Business Training in NSW under NSW Smart and Skilled Funding for New Workers across all of the state and Individuals and Existing Workers in Capitol Region.  For more details click on the logo.

NSW Smart & Skilled Funding

For more details and assistance in applying for this funding, call 1800 998 500.

Contact us to discuss your funding options. We will assist you to make any applications.