An often overlooked part of organisational development, in all sectors, is ensuring that the members of your governing body receive the corporate governance training that empowers them to be effective in their roles.

At Global Training Institute we offer corporate governance courses, with online flexibility, that will help your Board Members and Committee Members to not just meet your corporate governance responsibilities, but implement strategic planning initiatives as well.

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Corporate Governance Workshops

Being on a board or committee comes with significant responsibilities and roles. Unfortunately most Board Members simply don’t know what is required of them, and even less have the skills to correctly fulfill these roles and corporate governance responsibilities…a dangerous situation! We’ve all seen what this damage can do – financial mismanagement; poor organizational performance; damaged reputations; legal issues; board closure; loss of trust by community and members…Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to running a functional and law-abiding Board or Committee.

Organise some of these down-to-earth, practical, Corporate Governance Workshops for your whole Board or Committee.

Through these Corporate Governance Workshops and Training, you will discover and implement the governance strategies that will make a REAL difference to your Board and how you govern your organisation…

Your Board or Committee Members will know how to…

  • understand and fulfill your roles and responsibilities
  • understand your financials
  • control the management of the finances
  • use and review your constitution
  • implement business plans
  • develop policies to minimise risk
  • manage meetings
  • manage your assets
  • help your organisation be more business-like and successful.

Corporate Governance workshops are a great way to boost Corporate Governance knowledge and skills. learn good governance with Global Training Institute's Corporate Governance workshops.

Options – Corporate Governance Workshops

Making Your Corporate Governance Easier (1-2 days)

  • What does Corporate Governance mean for you, your Organisation and your board or committee.
  • A down-to-earth look at this “Hot topic”. Removing the mystery and giving some practical ideas.
  • Investigating your Roles and Responsibilities on serving on a Board or being part of a Committee
  • Looking at how to run your organisation with a business like approach.
  • A must for ALL Boards and Board Members.

Friendly Financials (1-2 days)

One of the key roles and responsibilities of being a Board or Committee Member is to oversee the financial aspects of your organisation.

Fraud and asset mismanagement is one of the most common undoing of organisations. Board members, who do not understand how to read, prepare and understand the financial reports of your organisation, are being negligent in their duties.

This corporate governance workshop teaches you how to read, understand and prepare financial reports including

  • profit and loss statement
  • balance sheet, cashflow analysis, break-even analysis
  • Budgets
  • Why Key Performance Indicators are an absolute key to your success

Risk Management though effective Policies, Procedures and Use of the Constitution (1-2 days)

This corporate governance workshop will provide you with a ‘tool-kit’ of information and skills that will help your organisation create the policies, procedures and systems that it requires to minimise your risk and run your organisation.


  • How to set up your Corporate Governance Manual and what to include in it
  • Why your Constitution is important; why it may seem irrelevant to
  • you now and
  • How to read and understand your constitution to match the current
  • operations of your organisation.

How to Conduct Effective Board Meetings (1 day)

This corporate governance workshop will provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to make your meetings more effective and productive! Also, discover how to

  • Maintain and Protect the Culture of the organisation – both yesterday and today
  • Review the ethical principals that form the foundation of good governance including Conflict of interest, fairness, transparency etc
  • Develop your organisations Code of Conduct
  • Identify ways to minimise and Manage Stress for Board members

Planning for your Organisations Needs (1-2 days)

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

Your organisation could be heading south big time and you don’t even know it. View the current Corporate Governance rules and regulations.

A hands-on practical corporate governance workshop looking at how to:

  • determine the planning requirements for your organisation
  • determine what needs to be included in a business plan, strategic plan
  • prepare, monitor and review these plans – including financial plan,
  • Marketing plan, human resource plan, Key Performance Indicators
  • use the Business Plan

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