An often overlooked part of organisational development, in all sectors, is ensuring that the members of your governing body receive the corporate governance training that empowers them to be effective in their roles.

At Global Training Institute we offer corporate governance courses, with online flexibility, that will help your Board Members and Committee Members to not just meet your corporate governance responsibilities, but implement strategic planning initiatives as well.

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Corporate Governance Career Pathways

Would you like to know more about Corporate Governance Australia standards?

Would like to see your Board systemise good governance procedures?

Are you a Board member that needs Corporate Governance training?

Do you have Committee Members who need a further understanding of good governance?


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We are hoping that this pathway will help you define how you will achieve your desired Corporate Governance goals. One of these steps may be Corporate Governance training. At Global Training Institute we are well known and highly regarded for our online Corporate Governance courses and qualifications, as well as our face-to-face workshops. We invite you to take advantage of this free Corporate Governance Career Pathway, and would like to discuss it further with you if you feel your Board or Committee need to complete some training.

Use this Corporate Governance Career Pathway to help map out your direction the gaps in your Board or Committee. Pick which direction you think will help you achieve your goals and start the process!

For information regarding Corporate Governance Australia rules and regulations, click here.

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