How to accomplish more through the use of a personal achievement list

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Too often managers modestly, and often unjustly or even unwittingly, hide their successes from others - and indeed from themselves. They fail to understand that the simple strategy of recording personal successes can motivate, increase self-productivity, and support career advancement. The compilation of a personal achievement list can have a considerable effect on a manager's professional life... 1. Acknowledge your achievements to date. Most managers see themselves as 'modest achievers'. They're so accustomed to doing what they do and what is expected of them that they rarely, if ever, class any of their accomplishments as 'achievements'. Indeed, when people are impressed with something they've done - something that perhaps seems rather ordinary to them - they're surprised. As a manager, you can use your past achievements more positively to motivate you to greater heights. To shrug off those achievements modestly, as most professionals are prone to do, or to [...]