The 8 Secrets to Maintaining a Perfect Work-Life Balance

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A recent study (by management consultants The Discovery Group) of more than 50,000 employees from a variety of manufacturing and service organizations found that two out of every five employees were dissatisfied with the balance between their work and their personal lives. The lack of balance was due to ‘long work hours, changing demographics, more time in the car, the deterioration of boundaries between work and home, and increased work pressure’. Do you believe your work and non-work life are in a healthy balance? 1. Know the signs. Are you among the increasing number of workers who admit to a lack of enthusiasm, poor concentration, low productivity, insomnia, stress related illnesses – or a constant nagging from your family that they need some quality time with you? These are sure signs that you need to make a break, that there is a lack of balance between your work life and [...]