How to Solve a Major Problem

By |September 27th, 2013|Leadership, School of Business, School of Corporate Governance, School of Leadership, Schools, Soft Skills|

Managers are faced with a never-ending flow of problems - deviations from the norm. During the course of a week, hundreds of spontaneous, minor problems are usually tackled with the minimum of fuss, using years of accumulated knowledge and experience. At times, however, a major problem will arise. On such occasions, the wise manager uses a classic problem-solving strategy, one of which is outlined here. When you have a serious problem to grapple with, try following these nine steps... 1. Identify the symptoms. When you sense that trouble is brewing in your organisation, it's usually the symptoms of a problem that surface first - bickering among employees, equipment breakdowns, changes in behaviour patterns, uneven performance, poor attendance at staff meetings, missing petty cash, litter… These symptoms can indicate a major problem lurking below the surface. 2. Define the problem. You're aware of the symptoms - now try to define the problem. Be [...]