How to Get the Most Out of Your Professional Reading

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To remain fully effective, managers can usually turn to a variety of sources for personal and professional growth – courses, conferences, networking, discussions, professional associations, workshops, and so on. But of all these avenues, research shows that independent reading of professional books and journals continues to be efficient, reliable, accessible, and indispensable. Leaders simply must be readers… 1. Accept this fact: If you’re not reading, you shouldn’t be leading. Leaders must be readers. The American Association of School Administrators supports this message… ‘Reading is the most fundamental, reliable, and efficient resource for leaders. It is the purpose of professional reading to equip the leader for independent creative thinking. It is through the literature that executives live, learn, and think about their swiftly moving and complex profession.’ 2. Set aside time to read. The problem for busy executives is not finding something to read; it’s finding the time! The key is [...]