Social Media in Your Business ft. Guy Kawasaki TEDtalk

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In our last blog post we discussed ideas surrounding the incorporation of social media marketing and social networking into your business. Here are some more ideas, tips and hints, as well as a video from the renowned Guy Kawasaki outlining how he used social media to further this business' reach. Hollywood taps into the Twittersphere In 2012 when Disney released its new Muppets movie, the studio made use of a different kind of focus group to predict box office sales – the Twittersphere. According to an article by Jennifer Alserver (Fortune, February 27, 2012), big movie studios are increasingly tapping into hundreds of thousands of tweets to plot their marketing strategies, deciding which trailers and ad campaigns work, and even whom they should cast in the next film. According to Alserver, Disney gets its social media data from a startup called Fizziology, which analyzes the online reactions by fans for [...]