How You Can Stop That Awful Paperwork From Pilling Up

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Does your desk sometimes look like a cluttered mailroom? Do you then go on a neatness spree – only to watch the untidy stacks of paper mount up again so that, in the following week or two, you have to clean up all over again? Some managers have a constant swirl of paper on their desks and assume that somehow the most important documents will float to the top. If you are being smothered by the paper avalanche, here are some useful ideas that may prove to be your salvation… 1. Adopt a system to process your paperwork. The key to managing the paper war is to develop an effective processing strategy. It is essential to find a structured system that will work for you – and stick with it. For example, the DRAFT system could be considered. Here, all incoming papers are sorted into one of the following five categories: [...]