A Guide to Rehearsing for Your Next Speech

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The adage: ‘practice makes perfect’, certainly applies to presentation-giving. Research and writing are important parts of the speechmaking process but rehearsing prior to the event is the key to a successful presentation. Indeed, rehearsing can help make an ordinary speech extraordinary. You can be sure that rehearsals form part of even the most experienced presenter’s planning – so why should you neglect that important step… 1. Be confident that your content is appropriate. When you’re satisfied that the content of your speech is almost final (e.g. you’ve covered the main points, you’ve checked the grammar, the ideas flow, you’ve included appropriate transitions), read the speech a couple of times aloud – from your written notes or your computer screen. Make changes to your script. Only when you’re confident with your text can you begin rehearsing in earnest. 2. Know your content. Work with the content of your speech until you’re extremely familiar [...]