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The Benefits of Online Training

By |September 26th, 2014|Leadership, Qualifications, Schools, Shortcourses, Soft Skills, Training|

In this fast changing world where skills are constantly adapting to technology advances, people are changing the careers more frequently and employers expect job seekers to be equipped with skills already, how can you ensure that you will be secure in the marketplace? The competition now is so cut throat that being educated means actually going out of your way to update yourself with the current business trend, software, theory, medicine, etc. The answer...Education! Those who refuse to stop learning are the ones who will succeed. It's important to be aware of gaining new skills, learning new techniques and being aware of the changes in your industry at all times. Currently there are various means to get that vital education, one form is via the internet through an online qualification. First it has to be asked, is this an effective and is this the best way to get a qualification? [...]

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When it’s Time for a Career Change

By |September 19th, 2014|Leadership, Qualifications, Schools, Soft Skills, Training|

Did you go to work today and wish that you were doing something different? Have you been looking at online courses and dreaming of a change? Maybe it's time you thought seriously about a career change! Did you know that the average person changes their career six times in their working life? There are many different reasons why a person would decide to switch careers- they may be laid off at their current job, a dream job may come along, people in a committed relationship may find themselves having to consider new prospects due to a change in location of the job of the other partner, or someone may just become plain bored in their current career, to the point where it feels like there is no point to the day. Career changes are not a bad thing, but they need to be planned according to the circumstances of your [...]

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