How to Show Entrepreneurial Flair!

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An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity and creates the organisational structures to pursue it. The entrepreneurial process involves all of the functions, activities, and actions associated with pursuing that opportunity. If you decide to establish your own business or remain where you are, entrepreneurial behaviour can be learnt and used to strengthen your existing management skills - even open new doors for you. Here’s how to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills... "Entrepreneurship is not a personality trait. Entrepreneurs see change as the norm and as healthy. Usually they do not bring about change themselves. The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." Peter Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Heinemann, 1985, p.23 1. Develop appropriate personal attributes. Though entrepreneurs come from a wide variety of backgrounds, the literature can provide an accurate picture of these innovative types. Wayne Bygraves in 'Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship' refers to [...]