Networking is Simple!

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Networking is such a big topic with so many juicy tips and hints! We can't resist giving you one more blog post full of different stories, hints and tips for you to become the best net worker you can be! Never eat lunch alone! In 'The Pursuit of Wow!', management guru Tom Peters advises managers never to eat lunch alone. He reasons that there are 49 working weeks in a year and, after subtracting some holidays, you are left with 225 lunches per year. That, says Peters, is 225 opportunities to network and develop relationships with colleagues and clients. Of course, his calculations don't even include power breakfasts - 'a new opportunity for networking', says Peters.   How to mingle Networking at events, whether business or social, can be fulfilling and produce the desired result when done well. Here are some guidelines, with thanks to Ivan Misner, author of 'Networking [...]