Never Give Up: Part 2

By |October 24th, 2014|Leadership, Qualifications, Qualifications Advanced Diploma, Qualifications Certificate IV, Qualifications Diploma, School of Business, School of Corporate Governance, Schools, Soft Skills, Training|

In this blog, we are continuing along the theme of success by 'Never Giving Up'. This concept is often easier said than done, however, it is vital for your success. If it doesn’t work These are basic principles that you can apply in business any time you feel it’s not worth going on. Remember - Never giving up doesn’t mean keeping on doing the same thing when it doesn’t work. It means keeping on working towards your goal no matter what and learning from your failures and getting smarter and better each time. So, if you are in business remember to shake it off and step up out of the “well” that we find ourselves in sometimes, whether business or financial. Don’t repeat mistakes We need to stop beating up on ourselves. Everyone has a past that they would like to change but that can’t be done so it should [...]