How to Change the Way You Think and Work With These 10 Steps

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It was the Roman philosopher Epictetus (50-130) who said. ‘Your will is always within your power. Nothing really stops you. Nothing holds you back, for your own will is always within your control’. Epictetus’s message is particularly relevant today when addressing the issue is ‘change’. You can change if you want to change! Old ways of doing things don’t always work. Be prepared to try new approaches and find new ways to work and to live your life. Here are some approaches to consider. 1. Change the way you think. Constant adaptation to an ever-changing environment is critical for successful people. The invention of the micro-chip (c. 1965) has changed forever the potential for change and the speed at which it occurs. According to Downes and Mui (Unleashing the Killer App, Harvard Business School Press, 1998), the micro-chip has contributed significantly to unleashing what they call ‘the killer app’. We [...]