Short Course PD Bundles

Short Course PD Bundles are a great way to develop extra skills and expand your knowledge in a particular topic. Each bundle below contains three soft skills tutorials. These bundles will be available to you online through our password protected site. 

Click on a Topic Below to discover Essential Skills and Tips
Only $75 per Bundle!

Teamwork – Motivating Employees, Leadership and Influence, Teamwork and Team Building

Stress – Personal Productivity, Stress Management, Anger Management

Meetings – Facilitation Skills, Meeting Management, Presentation Skills

Problem Solving & Decision Making – Communication Strategies, Creative Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence

Time Management – Personal Productivity, Stress Management, Time Management

Public Speaking – Facilitation Skills, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking Skills

Handling Conflict – Anger Management, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skill

Communication Skills – Communication Strategies, Interpersonal Skills, Personal Productivity

Goal Setting – Communication Strategies, Interpersonal Skills, Personal Productivity

Personal Success – Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Time Management

New Job – Job Search Skills, Negotiation Skills, Proposal Writing

Staff Management Coaching and Mentoring, Human Resource Management, Supervising Others

Work Productivity – Lean Process And Six Sigma, Performance Management, Personal Productivity

Leadership – Employee Motivation, Leadership And Influence, Teamwork And Team Building


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