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Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Franchise Owners and those considering starting a small business…

Being a business owner, and managing that business successfully and profitably, regardless of its size, can be challenging.

Most people are skilled in whatever constitutes their core business, whether it is a medical practice, a restaurant, or a plumbing service. All too often, however, they have not received any formal training in how to run that business from legal, financial or communications perspectives.

If you are a business owner without this up to date knowledge, then you are probably working too many hours, not realising the full potential of your business, and not keeping accurate records. Each of these, in their own way, can contribute to business failure – the fate of 87% of businesses in their first 5 years of operation.

With extensive experience and cutting edge business, management and leadership strategies, backed by entrepreneurs, Global Training Institute is perfectly positioned to support you through appropriate business courses. The business education we provide will help you to realise the potential of your business and, at the same time, give you the option to gain formal qualifications.

There is a GTI business training course just right for you if you:

  • Are running successful business, but working too many hours
  • Aren’t making enough profits
  • Have years of experience but you don’t have a ‘piece of paper’ qualification
  • Know there is more potential in your business
  • Are starting a new business
  • Want to franchise your business but not sure where to start
  • Have great ideas for new businesses but don’t know how to get them off the ground
  • Don’t have a clear written 3-5 year plan for your business
  • Are working so much ‘in’ your business, that you can’t find the time to grow it

There is no time like the present for you to visit our BusinessManagement and Leadership Schools to find the qualification, short course or solution that is right for you.

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