Grow your business, grow your people, till 2030 and beyond

  • Grow your People – upskill them with the skills your business needs for today and the near future.
  • Retain your People – develop their skills and increase loyalty to your business.
  • Grow your Business – innovation, improved productivity, profitability…
  • Develop your Sustainability Workers are attracted to Green World companies by the opportunity to work for an organisation they admire, whose values match their own.

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NSW Employees – Access Fee-FREE courses for your team in 2023.

South Australia – Access low-cost qualifications for your team.

All States – Quality training to enrich your employees and support your organisation’s L & D goals.

Provide Professional Development for Your Staff

Now is the time to upskill your new staff as the state and federal governments have a range of funding and subsidy options available as part of economic recovery and planning. 

Courses in these fields are available: Work Health and Safety, Civil Construction, Leadership and Management, Quality Auditing, Local Government and many more!

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Train your staff, and your business will benefit massively in the following ways…

Upskill your people with the very latest skills and strategies that will make a difference to your business.

Get quality training for your people delivered one-to-one or in your own business group.

No workshops or classes to attend. Your staff will not need to have time away from your business.

No exams. No essays. Practical work-based projects that will benefit your business.