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Advance your career now as the state and federal governments have a range of funding and subsidy options available as part of the economic recovery. We have a range of fee-free, low cost and subsidised courses available.

Courses in these fields are available: Work Health and Safety, Civil Construction, Leadership and Management, Quality Auditing, Local Government and many more!

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What Is Included In My Course?

Everything you need is included. All you need is internet access for uploading your assessments
and checking your results.

Your course includes:

  • Your Trainer will have experience in serving on Boards and Committees.
  • Governance and Organisational Management Templates and resources
  • Access to library – wealth of Corporate Governance Resources

Also as an added bonus, as you complete your Diploma of Business with us at Global Training Institute, you will also be developing your ‘Career Success Toolkit’, which includes:

Not only that…

Through our unique Coaching, Training and Recognition Program, you’ll be well supported as you complete your qualification around your current work and family commitments.

How Do I Complete My Qualification?

To successfully complete your qualification, you will be expected to complete a minimum of 1 subject per

You will have your own Completion Coach who will support you, keep you motivated, on track and
book with you, your appointments with your Trainer. One of the great benefits that our students
appreciate is that these sessions can be scheduled to suit you around your current work or other
commitments. We can usually arrange day or night sessions.

You will have access to unlimited sessions with your Tutor to help you, with a minimum of 1 per month
expected. If you would like to complete your qualification quickly, then you can book more than 1
session per month. Here at Global Training Institute we have no minimum completion time so you can
complete as quickly as you like except for 1 government subsidised program.

At these sessions you will be able to clarify with the Tutor what is expected in the assessments for that
subject; discuss any case studies or projects that you want to complete; ask any questions about the
topic… This makes completing your assessments so much easier!

No matter who you are, Global Training Institute is committed to your success, and provide strong support systems for you to take advantage of. You are not alone when you study online with Global Training. Global Training Institute’s online courses and qualifications are all nationally accredited and recognised overseas in accordance with AQF standards.

For more information about online courses, we would love to talk to you! Check out our full list of online qualifications or contact us today. You can study online today!