Training Plan Beginning Signature

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  • I hereby state that I have been involved in the development of my Training Plan and have received a copy of my Training Plan from Global Training Institute which includes:

    • Name and contact details of the Training Provider
    • Specified and directed training activity for both the Provider and myself
    • Details of the support services I will receive from the Provider
    • Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Credit Transfers granted
    • Name, code and AQF level of the Approved Qualification
    • The following information for each unit of Competency to be attained: Name and code, Scheduled hours, The proposed time frame for achieving competency including the intended start and end date, Delivery modes to be used
    • Details of customization included to respond to the needs of myself and/or my work location and/or my employer
    • Proposed learning strategies and resources that are appropriate for me
    • Names of the individual(s) responsible for the training and/or assessment of each Unit of Competency

    I understand that I can update this Training Plan in discussion with Global Training Institute.

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