NOW is the time to Gain Your Qualifications and stand out from the crowd…

Having qualifications can help towards employability, career progression, and job stability.
In today’s uncertain working world it is more important than ever to be proactive and give yourself the best chance to have the job or role that you want.
You can gain Qualifications, letters after your name and extra skills and knowledge.

Employers are looking for qualifications as well as experience.

100% Online + over the phone

Unlike universities and schools who require time to change and implement online learning, GTI has been operating 100% online training now for over 12 years.  Thousands of students have completed their qualifications with us online.

Everything is available to you online 24/7 – all your assessments and learning materials.

Phone sessions regularly with your Trainer.  Normally fortnightly but the Trainers are now offering weekly or daily if you are at home and working on your course.

Easiest way to complete quickly.

Be interviewed by your Trainer. RPL. Do this for any units that you have experience in and can provide workplace documents to match.  Just set up appointment times with your Trainer.  Allow 2 x 45 min phone sessions per unit.

Doing this, you can complete your qualification very quickly.   Most students love this method – saves typing, and your Trainer can keep asking you questions till they get the information they need.  You could even most of your qualification completed during your ‘At Home’ time

Fast Enrolment and Course Start

Enroling every weekday.  Start course and gain access to your units within the next workday.  Just work with us to get your documents in.

Complete Your Qualification quickly

We will work as quickly with you as you want to work.  No minimum completion times.

Concerned about… – don’t be!

$ to pay – use VET Student Loan – pay $0 now and pay later through tax;
OR interest free Payment plans;
NSW people – The GOOD NEWS is there has just been a substantial increase in government funding for courses if you live or work in NSW.
Still working…We have additional substantially funded spots for you.
Not working or are at risk of losing your job… we have 100% funded fee-free training under the NSW Skilling for Recovery program for you.

$ into your household – Have peace of mind about income.  All our courses are Centrelink registered for Austudy…  Register now and get paid as you study.  Ask us how this all works.

Time to complete course – use extra home time to get it done.

Anything else – 100% Risk Free Guarantee (20 day Money back)  Trial your course, and if it is not for you, you can withdraw and we will give you 100% money back