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A Leader’s Vision

Leaders have a vision. Leaders see a problem to solve and get the job done. It can be something that nobody else sees or just something that nobody wants to tackle. Anyway, it is the focus of leadership, and they attack with a relentless determination.

Leadership Qualities include having a vision.If the goal is to double the efficiency, develop a product that will solve a particular problem, or start a business that can realize the dream of the leader, the leader always has a clear goal in mind. It’s kind of thing the picture does not improve the process that reduces errors, but the new manufacturing process that completely eliminates the step that caused the error. He is the new product that makes people say, “It was easy why I didn’t see that”.It is not meant to build a better candle, wanted to find a new way to illuminate the darkness. It’s the kind of vision leaders see.

Beyond the personal characteristics of a leader, a particular person must master the skills of a leader.

  • Effective communication – is more than being able to speak and write. Communication of a leader must move people to work toward the goal has been chosen by the leader.
  • Motivation – a leader must be able to encourage everyone to contribute. Each of us has different “Strings.” A leader knows how to play the right String at right time to do your best to achieve the objective of the leader.
  • Planning – goal is to achieve the goal. He does not get too stuck in the details, this is what leaders are, but uses a high-level plan, so that they all move together towards the goal.

There are as many styles of a leader like as many materials as to become a leader. These are the basic traits of a leader from my point of view

  •  Have integrity – People need to believe that you live your dream because it’s the right thing to do, not only because you are ego driven.
  • He is a man of the people – Understanding the differences to make people unique and is able to use individual skills to achieve the objective.
  • Is positive – Leaders encourage and reward people and makes you want to do it and do it well. The leader is not a negative person and do not waste time and effort telling everything they are doing wrong.

It is not enough to have a vision. Many people see things to do, things that should be made big step forward that could be taken. What makes leaders different is the way they act. They take steps to realize their vision.

Is it a passion for the thought, a feeling within to lead, or a sense of obligation? It is the force that allows leaders to move their vision forward despite all obstacles, of all the people who say it cannot be done, it’s too expensivewe tried before, or half dozen other excuses. The true leader perseveres and moves ahead.

Khuram Munir

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