Formal qualifications sound like a lot of hard work to some people, and they can be. However the benefits of having a formal qualification to your name is priceless. It sets you a part from the pack and gives you greater credibility. Have a look at these benefits and if you are interested in a particular course, contact us today!



  • Performance
  • Profits – a positive return on investment  – of more than 30% – “money in the bank”
  • Productivity – greater output.  People who receive formal training can be 230% more productive than untrained colleagues who are working in the same role – opening a greater share of the market, or expanding it by improving products, services and reputations.
  • Staff retention – which is a significant cost saving, as the loss of one competent person can be the equivalent of one year’s pay and benefits.  In some companies, training programs have reduced staff turnover by 70% and led to a return on investment of 7000%
  • Accuracy and efficiency
  • Good work safety practices
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Staff morale and satisfaction
  • ‘Soft skills’ such as inter-staff communication and leadership
  • Time Management


Intangible benefits of training:

  • High staff morale and commitment
  • Better customer relationship and experience
  • Better company image and reputation
  • Better problem solving capacity of staff
  • A more innovative environment
  • Greater responsiveness to market changes and demands (ROI) and considering further

Qualifications certify the knowledge and skills that a person has achieved through study, training, work and life experience. They are a measure of Australia’s intellectual capital, which is increasingly important in a society where unskilled jobs have disappeared and continuous upskilling is required in all forms of work and in day-to-day life.

Australian AQF qualifications – Certificates, Diplomas, and Graduated Certificates are issued by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s)

These qualifications are recognised all around Australia and by other countries.

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