This Time Next Year…

What Qualification would you like to have completed by This Time Next Year?

Finish your Qualification, Be motivated and Become an Internet Star

You’re Invited!  Participate in our GTI version of the TV show: ‘This Time Next Year’.

Current and New Students are encouraged to apply.

This is your chance to gain the extra motivation to help you completing your qualification within the next 12 months.  You can even become an ‘Internet Star’ and be a motivation to others at the same time.

All you have to do is make a short Beginning Pledge video, and an End video.
We will give you extra calls to help keep you motivated and on track along the way.

GTI will display the videos of Students (who complete their qualification within the year), your ‘Beginning Pledge’ and your qualification completion video on our GTI website, and our utube channel. You may also participate at our special Graduation Ceremony.

You are much more likely to finish something if you have made a commitment to do so.
So if you want to finish your qualification, then join this program!

Complete this application to nominate yourself.

Applications close 30th November, 2019

How to make your video: Very simple. Just make your video on your phone.

  • What is your pledge? By This Time Next Year I...

  • VIDEO UPLOAD: Please record or upload a short video (2 mins maximum) answering the following questions:

  • What is your pledge? This Time Next Year I…
    • Will have completed my ______________ qualification and …. (whatever else career and personal goals you have)
    • Why do you want to achieve your goal?
    • Has anything stopped you from achieving your goal before now?
    • What has inspired you to do this now?
    • How do you plan to achieve your goal?
  • Max. file size: 600 MB.
  • Terms and Conditions

  • Global Training Institute RTO No 31192 ABN: 74111214610 (GTI) is inviting Current and new Students to participate in our version of ‘This Time Next Year’ (“Program”).

    GTI will display the videos of Students (who complete their qualification within the year), their ‘Beginning Pledge’ and their qualification completion video on the GTI website, and their utube channel. Participation by Program individuals may also occur at Graduation Ceremony.

    Participating students will provide a Beginning Pledge video, and an End video and may be asked to participate in recorded interviews.

    GTI employees will check in on students progress of course throughout the year,

    In return for GTI considering my application, I, the person making this application, agree to the terms and conditions set out below and represent and warrant that all of the information and answers I provide are true and correct to be best of my belief.

    1. I hereby authorise Global Training Institute to use any feedback comments and photos or videos for publicity and marketing purposes, without payment or any other consideration. If selected, I give GTI permission to display my videos on their website, and other channels including utube, video, social media…
    2. I understand that I may discontinue my participation in this Program at any time. My normal terms and conditions of enrolment with GTI, will also continue to apply.
    3. I acknowledge that GTI has no obligation to select me to participate in any stage for the Program and any such decision shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of GTI. I agree that GTI may disqualify me at any time from participation in any stage of program without providing any reasons. I therefore understand that applying for this program, that it does not guarantee that my videos will be displayed.
    4. Confidentiality:
      1. I acknowledge that it is very important to GTI, that all matters concerning the Program are kept absolutely confidential.
      2. In particular, I promise that I will not make any statement or give any interview about the Program to any form of media outlet and that I will not post or publish any Confidential Information on or via any form of ‘social media’ (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, or Snapchat) without GTI’s prior written consent, regardless of whether or not I am chosen as a participant for the Program.
    5. Public image: I declare that
      1. I have never been found guilty of or convicted of any criminal offence (other than any "spent convictions" that are no longer disclosable under applicable local law).
      2. I have never been subject to an intervention or apprehended violence order (or similar)
      3. I have never been declared bankrupt by a court.
      4. I am not currently involved in any other dispute or court proceedings.