Advanced Diploma

Civil Construction

Seriously advance your career in civil construction. Gain the qualification that backs your years of experience.

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Where can this course take you?

Becoming qualified with your Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction is highly valued within Civil Construction, Mining and Coal Seam Gas industries. It is also highly valued when applying for tenders, by large companies and Councils etc.

One of the greatest things with gaining your qualification is being formally recognised for the years of experience and knowledge you have. Although this qualification is not new, there have only been a privileged few who have gained the benefits of having the recognition they deserve by completing their Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction.

Many of our previous graduates state that with this qualification they have been able to very effectively negotiate their generous salaries and packages.

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Progress Your Career to become a…

Works Superintendent

You are the person nominated by the principal contractor who is responsible for ensuring all parties properly perform their respective obligations under the contract.
You oversee major projects & deal with the stakeholders as well as supervise teams of employees and contractors.

Senior Site Project Manager

You will be directing either a single large complex project, or a number of projects. You are the company representative ensuring that these projects and project teams are running correctly. You float in and out wielding a big stick! You want to report that your projects are running on time and under budget.


Civil Construction Manager

Take your years of experience and your qualification and head towards managing a civil construction firm.
In this role you will be creating and monitoring systems for environmental, quality, safety, and risk management and ensuring your civil projects are being run effectively and efficiently.