Saying No to the Fear of Failure!

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"The worst possible outcome of trying a work task and then failing is probably transient embarrassment. You might be embarrassed for a while, but that will fade. The residue hopefully will be a valuable learning experience. Trial-and-error learning is a time-honoured process and one familiar to most successful people." Fred Orr, How to Succeed at Work, Unwin, Sydney, 1987, p.30. It's a fact When the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison wanted to make a nickel iron alkaline battery, we are told he performed 50,000 experiments, and failed 50,000 times. Someone who knew about this asked if all these failures had disappointed him. ‘Not at all,’ replied Edison, ‘for I have learned 50,000 ways it cannot be done, and therefore I am 50,000 times nearer the final experiment!’ And, of course, he eventually did succeed. His failures were simply stepping stones to success.   "You measure the size of an accomplishment by [...]