Developing a Positive Mental Attitude

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"After decades of quest, we now know that high achievers have a high degree of self-motivation. The enduring power that moves them to action comes from inside themselves. Success is not reserved for the talented. It is not in the high I.Q.. Not in the gifted birth. Not in the best equipment. Not even in ability. Success is almost totally dependent upon drive, focus, and persistence. The extra energy required to make an extra effort, to try another approach, to concentrate on the desired outcome, is the secret of winning. Out of desire come the energy and will to win. Get that urge to win! There's no time to lose." Denis Waitley, The Psychology of Winning, Brolga, Ringwood, Victoria, 1979, p. 101 In our previous blog post we spoke about how to develop a positive attitude. Here are a few more tips and hints to help you get into a [...]