Video Conferencing 101

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In our last blog post we discussed some important tips to ensure your video conference runs smoothly and effectively. We have compiled a few more fun facts, tips and interesting points about video conferencing for you to mull over and enjoy. For more information about subjects such as these visit our website.  "Video conferencing is a marvellous means of improving corporate communication, if it is used well. Video conferencing is dramatically cost effective, when groups of staff from distant locations are able to use the medium to plan, take decisions, and solve problems." John Mitchell, Australian Videoconferencing Summit, 1997. It's a fact Video conferencing has become an increasingly attractive alternative to time-consuming and expensive travel. The technology has become cheaper, more robust, easier to use. Broadband is becoming more widely available. More people are teleworking. PC/Web-based video conferencing has certainly developed - and diminishing travel budgets make it even more [...]