How to Manage Different Generations in Your Workplace

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Organisations worldwide have become cross-generational workplaces dominated by two groups - Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) and Generation Xers (1965 to 1980). Veterans (1922 to 1945) and Nexters (1980+) are fewer. Managed well, and without stereotyping, this generational diversity can enrich the workplace. But it can also challenge and frustrate managers striving to derive maximum productivity from all employees. Irrespective of your vintage, here are some suggestions to improve the approaches you adopt... 1. Familiarise yourself with generations’ characteristics. Veterans. Although most of this group may have retired, their presence - particularly at the top of the corporate ladder and as customers - demands that you learn to work with them. Baby Boomers. These are characterised by ambition, loyalty, and employment for life - usually in the one company. They believe in process: that there is a right way of doing things to achieve the [...]