9 Helpful Tips for Generating Creative Ideas Through Brainstorming

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If you’re short on ideas or want a large number of ideas quickly, use the classic group process called ‘brainstorming’. The process encourages divergent thinking among group members as they collectively address an issue confronting the organisation. Here are the steps to follow… 1. Explain the process to the group. After familiarising yourself with the steps listed on these pages, outline broadly the brainstorming process to your group. If the approach is new to some participants, begin with a simple practical exercise. For example, ‘To what other uses might a common house brick be put?’ Encourage the group’s creative input, with a recorder listing all the suggestions offered. 2. Discuss the rules for brainstorming. The brainstorming process has five basic rules which can now be elicited from your group following the introductory exercise. These are: Keep an open mind – suspend criticism on anyone’s idea. Let yourself go – ‘free-wheel’ [...]