What Everyone Ought to Know About How to Conduct a Successful Meeting

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Every manager needs to master the skill of chairing a meeting. Participants will leave a meeting chaired effectively with a sense of accomplishment and a clear understanding of future directions and tasks. If you want to chair successful meetings, follow these important steps... 1. Start on time. When you wait for latecomers, you penalise those who have arrived on time - and you inadvertently reward those who come late. Before long, everyone will arrive late. So how do you get people to your meetings on time? By starting on time! Always. 2. Get the meeting off to a business-like start. Welcome and introduce yourself and the other participants and, if necessary, explain their roles. Clarify the objectives of the meeting, ensuring that each member understands the task at hand and is aware of the expertise available in the group. Be brisk and businesslike. 3. Preview and confirm the agenda. Check [...]